I am Anna Holmgren, a computer scientist from Sweden. After I found out about fanfics the summer of 2000, I've spent almost more time reading fics than playing the actual games the fics are based on.. Anyway, after I while I realized that most of the fics I read were pretty much alike. That's when I got the first ideas of writing my own fics. So.. here we are. Seven chapters later, my first fic is done, and I've got several more in the works. I hope you'll enjoy them..

Oh, and comments are _very_ much appreciated. Just send anything you can think of (err.. even flames, but expect replies) to I also have a website, at, where I put programs, unfinished fics and other weird stuff.

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableActivities- Taking place a year or so after the events described in Final Fantasy 7, our heroes are slowly adapting to a normal life. Well, most of them are, anyway. Cloud's birthday is coming up and Tifa has been assigned to find him a present. What she finds, however, is an unsuspected ally in an upcoming battle with an even more unsuspected enemy.
Chapter 1: A Little Surprise for You - March 31st, 2001
Chapter 2: Break the Silence - March 31st, 2001
Chapter 3: Enemy Sightings - March 31st, 2001
Chapter 4: Setting a Trap - March 31st, 2001
Chapter 5: Mostly Covering Up - March 31st, 2001
Chapter 6: Getting Closer - March 31st, 2001
Chapter 7: Passing Judgement - March 31st, 2001

ReviewableMeasure Up- The fact that Sephiroth is defeated and the adventure should end doesn't appeal to Yuffie at all. Not quite ready to return to Wutai yet, she decides to have an adventure of her own. Looting Midgar, a once-prospering city now in shambles, seems to be a perfect way to spend some time."
Measure Up - October 13th, 2001

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic