Nanaki Lioness

Name: Nanaki Lioness; I have a nick for a reason, ya know

Age: 16

Gender: Um, pretty obvious by now. Female. The more intelligent of the species, hehe

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: A strange brown/blond color. I think it's called mousey, and it's length is about half way down my back

Height: I'm short! 5" 2', same height as Yuffie

Birthday: May 3rd, which is the same as Tifa. What are the odds of that, hmm?

Where I live: United Kingdom. Or England, or Britain, whatever you wanna call it

Whereabouts there...?: In a little county in the South East, called Kent

Little things about me...: These are things people think are weird about me. I hate chocolate. Yep, I do. Occasionally eat it, 'coz a little's meant to be good for you, but otherwise no. And spiders freak me out, but I think that's normal. Plus, I collect Beanie Babies. But so does my brother, and he's older than me! I also devote too much time to FFVII, just doing little things just for something different e.g. the 4 different date scenes at the Gold Saucer.

Interests: My interests. Well...long list. I write, obviously, and I enjoy it a lot. I also write poetry, but everything i've attempted that's FFVII related turned out pretty awful. I like to draw, but 1. I'm not very good at it and 2. I have no scanner. So that side of me's pretty shaded. I play the piano, and adore music. I play on a Grade 6 level of 8, although i've never taken any exams. Never had the time. But this year, i'll take one. I've only been playing four years!! I have a great ear for music; I learnt to play loads of FFVII pieces just by listening to them. The ones i'm most proud of? Vincent's Theme, Aeris's Prayer, Cosmo Canyon, Yuffie's Theme, Cid's Theme (2 versions of it)...ummm, that's all I can remember off hand, though i'm sure there's more. But for normal pieces on the piano, Pachelbel's Cannon and the Moonlight Sonata are the ones i'm proud of. I compose too.

Enough about music! I'm interested in astrology, and the Solar System. I love animals! I have a rabbit and Sea Monkeys, hehe. The rabbit's called Gizmo (named by my mother, after that cute furball thing from Gremlins. Well, sometimes cute...) Oh, and visit my website at

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