Clone of Sephiroth

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Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewedSephiroth And Zack- A short story that attempts to shed some light upon the duo's mysterious relationship, pre-Nibelheim.
Sephiroth And Zack - November 8th, 1999

ReviewedThe Strength of Rufus Shinra- A very short tale of speculative fiction explaining what might have happened when Diamond WEAPON's blast hit Rufus Shinra's Midgar office.
The Strength of Rufus Shinra - November 8th, 1999

ReviewedMemories of Sephiroth- A moderately long story telling of Sephiroth's past... Such as his role in the Shinra - Wutai war, and how he obtained the holy sword Masamune.
Memories of Sephiroth - November 8th, 1999

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