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Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableSomeday- What I tried writing below are the thoughts that must have been going through Tifa's mind after Cloud had finally revealed to her many of his deepest secrets towards her while they were in the Lifestream at Mideel. Tifa was going through very emotional times over the loss of Cloud when he gave the Black Materia to Sephiroth. Also, after she rediscovered him again in Mideel, only to realize that he was in a near-comatose state. (It was already 7+ days he was comatose by the time she discovered him at Mideel, remember, she was also in a coma for seven days after she hit her head on the deck of the Highwind when a Weapon flew past it)
Someday - December 13th, 2000

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic