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I like Shinra, coffee, and reviews. Not in that order.

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableUnrequited Love- Rude thinks about his past love and makes a choice about his future.
Unrequited Love - April 3rd, 2000

ReviewableLove Lies Bleeding- Old piece about Rufus and why he's so cold.
Love Lies Bleeding - April 3rd, 2000, revised October 4th, 2003

ReviewableSongs of a Lover- Sephi looks back.
Songs of a Lover - September 30th, 2001

ReviewedFratris Sanguineus (Bloody Lovers)
Fratris Sanguineus - September 30th, 2001

ReviewableInterlude (Lovers Series 1.5)
Interlude - September 30th, 2001

ReviewableAmans Ardens (Fiery Lovers)
Amans Ardens - September 30th, 2001

Shinra Vignettes
Hojo - September 30th, 2001
Scarlet - September 30th, 2001
Sephiroth - September 30th, 2001
Palmer - July 17th, 2003
Reno - July 17th, 2003

T.U.R.K.S. - July 17th, 2003

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic