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I am an ordinary school girl in Singapore. My real name is Angela. My age is a secret, but I'll give you a clue. I'm younger than Yuffie. My favourite game is Final Fantasy 7 (as if you couldn't tell!), but I also adore other Final Fantasy series. My hobbies, well, I can't really tell, because if I did, it would take up a whole page. Just five words, having fun and enjoying myself.

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableTifa's Diary- What exactly happened to the heroes after Sephiroth was defeated? And did the Turks bother them again? Take a peek in Tifa's diary and you'll get an answer.
Tifa's Diary - January 1st, 2000

ReviewableHeartbreak in Nibelheim- Tifa is heartbroken when Cloud disappears. Thus, she embarks on a journey to find him. When she fails, she returns to Nibelheim, where she finally does find him. However, in a rather usual manner...
Heartbreak in Nibelheim - April 3rd, 2000

ReviewableYuffie's Diary- Ever wonder what Yuffie felt about the Wutai war? Why she stole the party's materia? This is an entry in Yuffie's diary. All the answers to your queries are written here, in her diary.
Yuffie's Diary - April 3rd, 2000

Hope in Love- When a mysterious voice calls out to Cloud and Lucretsia, the two agrees that they might have found a way to resurrect Aeris. Little do they know that this would eventually lead them into another difficult quest to save the world. Joined by the Turks and two new allies of another world, will our heroes win the battle against a new foe, one who is even more powerful and dangerous than the mighty Sephiroth?
Chapter 1: A Legendary New World - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 2: The Journey to Rocket Town - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 3: Yuffie's Missing?! - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 4: Damn You Reno! - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 5: World of Mist - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 6: Wanderers - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 7: Grim Reaper - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 8: Truth Revealed - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 9: Up, Up, and Away! - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 10: Kallista - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 11: A Whole New World - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 12: Going Solo - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 13: Music of the Night - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 14: Fear Not For the Future, Weep Not For the Past - June 27th, 2000

ReviewableDéjà Vu- Three hundred years after the meteor incident, a young girl finds herself remembering things she shouldn't have remembered. Memories of the past...
Déjà Vu - June 27th, 2000

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic