Yuffie's Diary

By Sorceress Fantasia

Dear diary,

You know what? Wutai lost…the war…to that company…What was its name? I can’t remember. I don’t want to remember it either.

How can it be? The mighty Wutai lost a battle. It’s impossible. Nobody can defeat my hometown. Daddy always told me that Wutai is the most powerful kingdom in the whole wide world, even if all the other town and cities attacked us together, we wouldn’t lose. So how can it be? Wutai would never lose. Ever. The enemies must have cheated. That’s why they won. The grown-ups used to say cheater bugs usually won because they use underhand methods.

It’s just like when I played poker with my neighbor, Zoe. She hid some cards under her skirt and she won. I only found out that she had cheated after the game.

The last few days, everyone was praising Daddy, about how capable he was as a ruler and how powerful he was in the battlefields. I felt so proud. They said we had gained the upper hand, and that there was no way we would lose at all. Everyone was so sure of victory that some even had beer in their cellars to celebrate once we won. But then, it all turned out to be wrong.

That morning, I was rudely awakened from my deep slumber by my babysitter, Elle. I complained to her that it wasn’t even dawn yet. But she ignored me totally and immediately carried me to a secret chamber which only my family and Elle knows. When I asked her what happened, she said nothing. She merely sat in a corner, sobbing and cradling me in her arms. I prodded on, but still, she kept quiet. At that moment, I felt that something was wrong outside. Horribly wrong. Elle refused to tell me anything. I tried to go out, but she pulled me back and said that it was dangerous out there. All of a sudden, I heard something. Someone was screaming in pain and terror. At first, there was only one. Then, there were two…three… four… The screams got louder each time and more spine chilling. It was as though a huge massacre was going on outside. I knew I had to go out and check. But I also knew Elle would never let me. So, while she buried her head in her hands, I shook off her protective arms over me and dashed out. She ran after me, only to stop at the exit. I didn’t care so much. I just wanted to know what was going on.

Finally, I was out. What I saw in front of me was terrifying. People lay on the ground in pools of fresh blood, their clothes all soaked with the red liquid. They crawled, they struggled, they did everything just to escape. Desperate mothers hid in dark corners, hugging their babies tightly, afraid of losing them. Tears cascaded down their faces like streams of endless water. Most gagged their babies for fear of them crying and alerting the enemies. I stood there, unable to move even an inch. I was so much in shock that I didn’t notice someone coming from behind.

By the time I saw him, it was too late. He swung his sword sideways at my head, as though trying to cleave my head in two. I jumped back in response. However, although the sword missed my brains by inches, it didn’t miss my forehead. I felt a sudden twinge as the cold metal came in contact with my skin. Blood gashed out of the wound. I wanted to cry, but then I thought to myself, ‘No! I won’t give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry!’ So, I held back my tears. The man came closer to me and I backed away in fear. Stepping on a slippery pool of blood, I landed on the blood and it splashed onto the man’s blue uniform. It also dyed my clothes to a scarlet red. He screamed at me angrily, ‘How dare you to soil my uniform! You wretched little monster!’ and raised his weapon menacingly, threatening to slash me once more. I shut my eyes tight.

Just when I thought everything was over, another man saved me. He fended off the supposedly heavy blow with his own weapon shaped like a Japanese sword. I opened my eyes timidly and lifted my head, hoping to catch a glimpse of my savior. His long silver locks looked like soft silk when the breeze blew onto his hair, causing some to fly up. His black trench coat covered most of his body. He fluttered off as soon as he spat venomously, ‘Hurt another harmless children like this one again and I’ll make sure you’ll get the punishment you deserve.’ Then, he spun around and left. The man who attacked me stared at me, fuming. If looks could kill, I would have sported some serious injuries. Luckily, he followed the silver haired man soon after.

I stood up, and attempted to wipe off the blood on my forehead with a swipe of my sleeves. Then, I ran towards the pagoda. Soon, the massive building that overlooked the whole of Wutai loomed before me. I stood at the entrance for a while, uncertain if I should enter. What awaits me inside? More blood? But then I remembered that Daddy was probably on the top floor. What if he needs me? With that, I dashed in. I could care less about other things. As I zoomed up the flights of stairs, I feared the worst for I smelt blood. I reached the top in less than a few minutes and charged into the room. There, I saw Daddy and the four other guardians lying around. I rushed over to Daddy’s side. My heart stopped for a second on seeing his motionless form. Shaking him with all my might, I cried, ‘Daddy! Wake up! Don’t leave Yuffie! Wake up! Daddy!’ He seemed to have heard my cries, for his body stirred. Slowly, he opened his eyes. I jumped onto him and hugged him tightly. He muttered my name, then brought up a comforting arm over me. I asked him, ‘Daddy, what’s going on?’ He closed his eyes, then shook his head gently. ‘We lost…Wutai lost…I lost…’

Our mighty fortress had fallen.

Now, Wutai is nothing more than a pathetic holiday resort. The enemies had dismissed all our armies and pass a law that Wutai is to remain as what it is now; never to become strong and powerful again. Although the laws aren’t fair at all, we have to abide it. Losers had to do what the victor wants. This is our principle. Our tradition. And, we have lost. This is the truth. No matter what we do or what we wish for, this is the truth as we all know. At least, this is what I know. It is a truth that cannot be twisted or changed to suit our hopes. Everything. Our hopes and dreams of Wutai becoming the most powerful kingdom… dashed…shattered…

Everything’s gone… Wutai will never be the same again. Never.

Looks like Daddy isn’t as powerful as he had told me. He was not like what he said. Instead of being our war hero, he was crushed like a bug by the enemies. He yearns to overthrow the enemy. But, when will that ever be possible? How will it possible? It’s all a dream, a desire, which will he never fulfilled. Back then, he was a powerful dragon, soaring the skies and commanding the people below him. Then, they came along and broke off his fangs and wings. Unable to neither fly nor bite, he’s nothing more than an earthworm, hiding under the ground in shame and in fear, commanded by the enemies. Where had my powerful, unbeatable father gone to? He had vanished into the thin air, never to be found again.

I want to see Wutai strong again. I want to see the enemies cower under our feet. I want to see them beg for my mercy. I want to win, to defeat them and bring glory to my hometown once more. I want to prove that we Wutais are not someone they could push around. But, how do I go about doing that? I can’t do it alone.

Then, I heard Daddy’s conversation with the four guardians. He said, ‘If only we had more materias, then we wouldn’t have lost.’ Materia? Those orbs that they put in the slots of their weapons? How could I let it slip out of my mind? Materias would be my keys in defeating the enemies. If I had tons of them, then defeating them would be as easy as abc. A child’s play. If only I know where to get them without needing to pay.

Wait, I could steal. No, not steal. It’s too harsh. I should say take. Take’s the word. I will defeat people I meet and take their possessions. Their materias and also their money. With the money, I could buy materias from shops. I would stalk my preys in forest, where there’s no where to run.

I swear upon the scar they gave me that I will do whatever it takes to get as much materias as possible and restore honor to Wutai. I must do it. I must.


Note: Yuffie ties that piece of cloth around her head to cover the scar on her forehead.

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