Hope in Love Chapter 4

Damn You Reno!

By Sorceress Fantasia

"Oh man, what the @#$%^& happened?" Cid muttered.

"The chest… it must have been the chest!" Lucretsia exclaimed as Vincent helped her up. She was obviously very excited.

"What’s with the chest?" Tifa inquired, trying to stand on her still trembling legs. Her head was hurting terribly and she barely had the energy to concentrate on anything. Everyone else was doing the same, standing up and rubbing his or her heads.

"The tremors must have something to do with the chest! The chest must have caused the quake!"

"Meaning…?" Elena asked.

"The chest may be the reason why so many people disappeared here. It either has something magical contained in it or it is a magical being by itself." Red stated.

"It doesn’t look magical at all. At least not to me." Reno retorted.

"That’s cuz’ ya daft." Barret snapped.

Reno was about to retort when Cloud stopped him. "That’s enough you two. Lucretsia, Red, do you two mind explaining a little?" He asked.

" In other words, the chest is just what we are looking for." Red answered calmly.

" Let’s just open it and it’ll save a lot of trouble." Reno reached for the chest but Red immediately slapped his hands with his paws. " No, we don’t know what’s inside. It could be something dangerous."

Reno sulked, "But if we don’t open it up, we’ll never know."

" I hate to admit that. But the kid’s got a point. We’ve to see what’s inside the $#%#*& chest." Cid supported.

Red looked at Cloud for support. No reaction. Then he turned to face Lucretsia and Vincent. The two were the same. Seeing no help, he sighed, " All right, we’ll open it up. But don’t say I didn’t warn you."

Reno smirked and placed the chest on the ground. He quickly flicked the top open. As the lid opened, a black hole, which seems to be a portal, appeared. A huge gravitational force pulled everyone. Darkness engulfed the cave. Everyone desperately tried to cling onto the walls. But the force was far too strong to bear.

" Everyone! Hang on!" Cloud managed to shout. The force became stronger with every passing moment. Finally, the part of the wall they hung onto broke off, pulling everyone into the black hole.

" Damn you Reno #@$#%#%#%*& (*)*_($@#%$()$@*&)&@$)&@)$!!!!!!!"

Barret’s cursing was the last thing everybody heard before they passed out.


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