Carlos P. Salvestrini

I'm 23 years old, an Economics major/Music minor senior at Brandeis University in the Boston area. Among my favorite things: playing Final Fantasy VII (of course!), dancing, rock + roll (Aerosmith rocks, man!) latin music, aquarium fish, and having a good converstion with friends (or strangers). Not to forget the usual party / clubbing / concert thing that's all too known a part of colege life.

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableThe Anniversary- The story starts at the City of the Ancients, at the time of Aeris's death. Most of the action takes place five years after that. Cloud has been doing yearly pilgrimages to Aeris's "grave" as an atonement for his failure as a bodyguard and as a way to find peace with himself. This year, this anniversary, is different, though. Aeris's spirit appears to Cloud and tells him to let go of his guilt. Cloud realizes he's got a stable life (married with Tifa, a newborn baby) and makes a promise to Aeris that he will finally enjoy his life.
The Anniversary - September 30th, 1998

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic