Hello again.

A few minor changes: No longer a student, living in AR (one of the better parts, thank goodness,) working hours and hours a week. Maybe I don't have as much time to write anymore, although I do try.

I still like writing and reading, and I'm still mostly insane. Some things don't change.

Brigandine Fanfiction
Transcending- Fairly old short story about Esclados, a master Swordsman of the kingdom of Almekia, on the eve of its fall. What made him choose to betray his kind and support the new order?
Transcending - February 27th, 2003

Casting Shadows- Prince Lance and his playmate Irvin had always been the best of friends. What could have possibly changed to make Irvin betray him? A look at what might've gone through his mind.
Casting Shadows - May 31st, 2004

Final Fantasy IV Fanfiction
Darkwinds- Kain Highwind waits for the Paladin to return with the crystal that his master wishes him to find, still believing that his soul is his own. Will the words of another servant of the Darkness be enough to shake the foundations of the new world that he's built for himself, in which Master Golbez is his only salvation?
Darkwinds - December 13th, 2000

Final Fantasy VI Fanfiction
Balance of Power- Written partially as backstory for "Second Coming," and partially to work on being more ambiguous. A short story about Edgar and Sabin's fears, as their father's health fades; it's set just before the flashback in Figaro Castle.
Balance of Power - March 15th, 2001

Striking the Sparks-Cid muses about the project that created the Empire's first fully-human Mage. Yes, this has been done before (and quite well, too!) But I couldn't find a story that described my interpretation of Kefka, so I did what any good fanfic author would do: I wrote one myself. ^_^
Striking the Sparks - March 15th, 2001

Garden Party- Setzer muses on the highs and lows of his existance during one of the most dreaded social events in Jidoorian society.
Garden Party - July 19th, 2001

The View From Their Hill- One of my brief attempts at romance. Setzer, Daryl, a surprising secret, and the view from the hill.
The View From Their Hill - October 31st, 2001

Thaw- When Celes finds a crazed, suffering Terra in the halls of Vector, she learns that it is impossible to live a life without emotions - and that even compassion cannot bridge the gap between fire and ice.

(A quick continuity note: Square's timeline for the game is notoriously messed up, whether through mistranslation or carelessness, and I don't know enough Japanese to figure them out. So in my own timeline, which mostly follows what people say in the game, Terra is three years older than Celes. At the start of this particular fic, Celes is sixteen; Terra is nineteen. So there.)
Thaw  - February 1st, 2002

Pick Up My Broken Heart
If I had enough money I'd buy a round for that boy over there
A companion in my madness in the mirror the one with the silvery hair
And if some kind soul could please pick up my tab
And while they're at it if they could pick up my broken heart
-Night (The Short Straw)

Setzer in the World of Ruin - grounded, hurt and alone, reduced to drowning his troubles in cheap booze... this is just a bit of a sketch that came to mind while writing "The View From Their Hill," which was, er, a year ago. (Wow, that long?)
Pick Up My Broken Heart - June 19th, 2002

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
Carnival Lights- Probably the only FFVII story I'm going to write for some time - set in the Gold Saucer, right after Cloud's date. I wrote this because I got rather tired of people bashing Tifa for being too afraid to tell Cloud how she felt, or to even flirt with him when he tried to flirt with her. I think that she had a few very good reasons to be afraid....
Carnival Lights - March 15th, 2001

The Death of Neo-Midgar- How can you destroy a city that hasn't even been created yet?
The Death of Neo-Midgar - March 9th, 2002

Final Fantasy VIII Fanfiction
i see you because you are tragic
and i need you for the same (reason)
there's a little bit of you in me
i'll look for you in the rain
-Happy Rhodes

A story about the first time the future Knight met his Sorceress, and the first stirrings of a romantic dream.
Tragic - February 1st, 2002

Final Fantasy IX Fanfiction
When Traditions are Broken....- The people of Dali turned their backs on age-old traditions to manufacture the mysterious dolls for Alexandria. What would have happened if they'd ever found out exactly what their creations had done to the world?
When Traditions are Broken.... - August 24th, 2001

The Day of Second Chances- The day of rebirth, when the sun rises on Burmecia....

Fratley, standing the Vigil, meets a stranger who gives him a rather unexpected gift.

Note: Final Fantasy IX is one of the very few games where I actually use any of the Japanese names in fanfiction; I usually stick with the English ones for consistency's sake. But in this game, for this character, I happen to think that "Salamander" is a more symbolic and fitting name than "Amarant." And so "Salamander" is what I chose to call him.
The Day of Second Chances - June 19th, 2002

Illusion of Gaia Fanfiction
Last Thoughts of a Dancer
- A short poem-prose fic about an Angel....
Last Thoughts of a Dancer - March 15th, 2001

One Who Walked Away- Ishtar's journal, about a fateful encounter with the gambler. Also a bit more fun with the idea of the persistence of memories that I've been pondering lately.
One Who Walked Away - March 9th, 2002

Star Ocean 2 Fanfiction
Any Other Night
- Two good friends at Giveaway University meet for one last night, before they have to move on to separate lives. Set a few years before the Wise Men return to Energy Nede, and written in a rather experimental sort-of-flashback style.
Any Other Night - January 16th, 2003

Silly Things- While the party is exploring the Outer Wall Paradise, Rena takes some time to help Leon relax and play a little bit. Unfortunately, Leon is too busy trying to grow up.

A silly little concept, inspired by a good friend of mine.
Silly Things - May 31st, 2004

Valkyrie Profile Fanfiction
Deceptive Lily- (Post-game fic, set after Ending A.)

A dialogue between a goddess and her "savior," set in Asgard. Based on a rather twisted idea that I had after seeing the ending for about the second time. I'm hoping to do more with the idea eventually, but for the moment this is all I've come up with.
Deceptive Lily - June 19th, 2002

You Never Know- A short bit about Geena, and why she continues to put up with a lying, cheating criminal like her tenant Badrach. As usual, came to me in a completely random bit of inspiration that I couldn't get rid of until I wrote something about it.

(Also, the story that made me come to the conclusion that I actually like all of the characters in this game. Yay.)
You Never Know - June 19th, 2002

The Nameless Sword- Frei is not nearly as innocent and harmless as she seems, as Kashell finds out when he follows her to Midgard one day.

This is, without a doubt, one of the strangest ideas I've ever come up with. Based very loosely on various myths, with many liberties taken. Also, the fic is set after Ending B of the game.
Prologue - May 31st, 2004
Part 1 - May 31st, 2004
Part 2 - May 31st, 2004
Part 3 - May 31st, 2004
Epilogue - May 31st, 2004

All I Can Do- Nanami made a promise to her sister Minayo the night before she left to find the Dragonbane. And she made another promise the next night, when Minayo never came back home.

Another short, fairly angsty vignette, and another one that took an embarrassingly long time to finish.
All I Can Do - August 8th, 2005

The Balance- Yet another take on the death of a character that the game drops the ball on. When Lawfer learns of the death of his best friend Arngrim, and the imprisonment of Arngrim's brother Roland for high treason, he swears not to let such injustice go unchallenged. But he will pay a high price for his dedication to a higher cause.
The Balance - August 8th, 2005

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