At the moment (Feb. 2004), I have been writing for five years, and I have every intention of continuing. I am in college studying engineering, so when you balance that workload with my internet habits, Vegas-style solitaire addiction, and general goofing-off time, I neither write nor play video games altogether too much (although I'm really trying to be regular about the writing). I have mostly written in the Mortal Kombat fandom, with some Buffy the Vampire Slayer stuff thrown in (all Spike-centric, of course). I go by the name Nyohah pretty much everywhere, so if you see it, yes, that's me, but mostly, I lurk. My website is called Silver Coast, and it has my fics and some other random stuff laid out in a pretty manner with lots of css and external javascripts. In my plan, we are beltless.

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewedOrders- Reno lies in a hospital bed...
Orders - October 31st, 2001

Final Fantasy VIII Fanfiction
Massacre of the Innocence- Sorceress Adel has been defeated, and the parties have ended. But neither Edea nor Laguna felt they had much to party about in the first place.
Massacre of the Innocence - February 10th, 2004

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic
Final Fantasy 8 Fanfic