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I never really had the urge to write an videogame-oriented fanfic, even when I got hold of the then-newly-released FFVII and spent a good couple of weeks trying to gain all the characters, all the secrets, and trying to off both the Emerald and Ruby Weapons. It was only during a little exchange with an online friend that spurred me to think that maybe writing an FFVII fanfic would help get my point across. And so "The Final Sacrifice" began on a bet.

I had read enough 'Aeris-resurrection' stories across the Net to know how redundant an FFVII fanfic can become, so I decided to throw in a twist or two on her return to the 'real' world. And so it snowballed from there into something that would have been otherwise totally unexpected.

At the time, the only fanfics I'd written revolved around the anime "Ranma 1/2", so this story was different from anything I had ever written, to say the least. When I posted it onto the Fanfiction Mailing List, the sheer amount of answering emails astounded me. Some people wrote in about how they loved it, some told me they had cried over it, and others demanded to know "why??" All in all, the input I received was overwhelmingly encouraging. I suppose I had gotten my point across after all.

So now I maintain a website of my own with various videogame fanfics in it--fanfics ranging from Xenogears to Tekken to Resident Evil 2. That single FFVII story was just the tip of the iceberg, in a manner of speaking--the first in a line of videogame-oriented fanfics from my warped mind. :) I may write another FFVII story, however, though this time it won't be as dark or depressing...just a little vignette of sorts...

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Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableThe Final Sacrifice- Three months after their victory over Sephiroth and Meteor, the gang holds a group reunion at Villa Cloud. There's a lot to celebrate--Sephiroth's been defeated, the Planet is safe, and everyone's alive and well. But, as Cloud reminds Tifa and the rest, not everyone is alive and well. In the end, his miserable state forces Tifa to make a choice--one with price too high for her to pay...

RATING: PG-13, due to some swear words (thanks to Cid and Barret) and character death...

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I received a flood of encouraging e-mail after posting this to the FFML. It's basically a spin on all the "Aeris resurrection" stories out there. Believe it or not, this whole thing stemmed out of a dare I made with an online friend of mine, and in my rare moments of immediate inspiration, I pumped out the following story. A word of advice, though: if you have a hard time handling character deaths, then skip this story. Trust me.
Chapter 1 - April 30th, 1999
Chapter 2 - April 30th, 1999
Chapter 3 - April 30th, 1999
Epilogue - April 30th, 1999

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic