Hi. I won't bother putting down a name, since all you need to know is that another writer has joined the ranks of Fanfic-dom. I obviously love videogames, and have Snes, N64, GameBoy, and a basiclally destroyed NES. Anyway....

I love fantasy. Dragons and demons, wizards and wyverns, knights and nights. I'm planning on becoming a writer when I graduate whatever college I go to, and this is my first publication. Enjoy whatever you want from my stories, and send me any ideas or inspiration, questions or quirks about my tales. Enjoy, and send E-mails to SirrusX79@aol.com

May the Black Wind never cross your path, and always have a good spell at the ready. Journey on, fellow adventures, journey on!

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfiction
ReviewableForbidden Love: The Story of Vincent Valentine- I have always been a huge fan of Square games, and FF-VII was no exception. As I cruise through fanfics, however, I seem to find almost nothing written about the most intriguing person in the game, Vincent. If you've finally gotten sick of Magus stories, get a taste of the darkness here, in my epic, my sin, the tale of a man, and a monster; Vincent Valentine.
Chapter 1: Valentine, Vincent Valentine - June 18th, 2001
Chapter 2: Vincent of the Turks - June 18th, 2001
Chapter 3: Lucrecia - June 18th, 2001
Chapter 4: Hojo's First Moves - August 2nd, 2001
Chapter 5: The Power in a Memory - August 2nd, 2001
Chapter 6: When Acid Meets Alkaline - August 24th, 2001
Chapter 7: The Puppets and the Puppeteers - August 24th, 2001
Chapter 8: The Candle Burns Too Long - September 9th, 2001
Chapter 9: Swiftly Dying Reality - September 9th, 2001
Chapter 10: The Last of the Pieces - September 9th, 2001

Legend of Zelda Fanfiction
ReviewableThe Adventures of Leok, Forest Guardian
The Adventures of Leok, Forest Guardian - March 15th, 2001

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic
Legend of Zelda Fanfic