Forbidden Love
The Story of Vincent Valentine Chapter 1

Valentine, Vincent Valentine

By Leok

Planetary Year- 1895 --- 2/14  Kalm

    Vincent gasped for air as he ran through the alley.  They were on his tail again.  He jumped onto the flight of stone steps, and shot up them in a second.  He needed to get to the tower, and fast.  He climbed onto the General Store's roof, and calmed his nerves.  Once steadied, he spread his arms, and leaped onto the old tower's closest battlement.  He could hear the dark suited men below him, having finally noticed him.  If only the sun had gone down!  They might not of noticed him in his dark clothes.  Yet in the half light of dusk, he could still be seen easily.  He clambered up into the tower, and began to fumble with the lock on his chest.

    Why had he gone into the tower, though?  Now those people knew where he lived!  Angrily, he ripped open the chest, and picked up the Peacemaker.  He had made one mistake, but he wouldn't make a second.  He would end this right here, right now...

    A sharp pain went through his back, and he collapsed.  The gun in his hands fell back into the chest, and the box clicked shut as the dark-suited man pulled him up.

    The man's eyes glowed with interest, even through his sunglasses, as he holstered his tranquilizer gun.  He pulled out his phone.  "It's me.  The Kalm target, Valentine, is captured.  We'll be back at HQ in a few hours.  Turks out."


Shinra HQ, Midgar --- 2/15

    Vincent sighed.  He had been in this room, this cell, all day.  He was sick of these four walls, and was sick of worrying about his family.  But why was he worrying?  They were dead now.  The Turks didn't leave families for you to mourn.  He was alone.  His sister was gone.  His parents were gone.  If he was lucky, Kalm wouldn't have been burned down.

    "Have you realized it yet?"

    The voice made him jump.  Vincent turned, and saw a middle aged man on the other side of the small window in one wall.



    "Have I realized what?"  Vincent growled, his voice like acid.

    "Heh heh heh...  You have nothing to go back to.  Your family is dead.  Everyone that is worried about you, is dead.  All you have now-"

    "-Is Shinra."

    "Exactly."  The man said with a nod.  "You have no ties of family, you're too far away from home to get back without getting killed, and you have no reason to live.  But, who wants to die?"

    "I do."

    "Wrong.  In the face of Death, no human can stand tall.  We'll leave you in here, until you accept your fate.  You are what we say you are, now."


    "Quiet, eh?  Fine.  Call when you're ready to eat something, and start living again.   After all, what better are you than a corpse in there?"

    Vincent stayed motionless for three hours.  Finally he got up, and whispered to the wall.  "Goodbye."  He knocked on the window, knowing he no longer lived...  He existed.  For Shinra.


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