Forbidden Love
The Story of Vincent Valentine Chapter 2

Vincent of the Turks

By Leok

Planetary Year- 1898 --- 4/5   Shinra Headquarters, Midgar

    "Congratulations.  You are now the cream of the crop, the best of our best, the ultimate in Shinra's recruiting and military organizations.  You are Turks."

    The man's voice was loud enough to fill the room without the help of the microphone he held in his hands, yet he used it anyway.  Vincent flinched as the already booming voice rebounded against the room's walls, right at his head.

    The room was large and dark, lit mainly by dim bowls of fire, mounted against the walls.  Thusly, the room was constantly shifting and flowing amid the firelight.  It had surprised Vincent to see such a large room being used for his entrance into the Turks, and had surprised him even more to see so many people in the room.

    Despite the selective, infamous nature the Turks were looked upon with, the organization was frighteningly large.  The room was occupied by at least fifty people.  These were only the newest recruits.  The Turks were usually thought of as a small group of people in dark suits, grabbing citizens, and drafting them into SOLDIER.  In reality, the Turks were a gigantic network of spies, informants, diplomats, and undercover agents who took out any revolutionaries who had a problem with the Shinra, and who took in likely candidates for one of the many openings that so frequently appeared in Shinra's corporate ladder.  'No wonder there are so many Turks,' Vincent mused, 'Someone has to kill all those businessmen.'

    Vincent returned from his small reverie to the speaker.  "Now, we give you the Shinra military's second in command, General Heidegger!"

    The entire room shifted in surprise, and the crowd quickly stood a little bit straighter in nervousness.

    The young man, with a dark beard and a slight pot belly, walked forward in his three piece green suit.  He looked over the crowd, and his entire frame shook with laughter.  The entire room quickly echoed his movements, creating the effect of a rock dropped into a pond.

    "Gya ha ha!  So you're the new Turks, eh?  Well, let me tell you something, rookies...  You listen to ME!  I tell you this, I am better than you will ever be.  I am your superior, I am your president, I am your god!  Do you understand?"

    "Yes sir!"  The room rang with assent.  Vincent grunted, before whispering to himself, "I listen to no one."


Planetary Year- 1898 --- 4/7

    "Group three: Marcell, Jack!  Ramses, Harold! Valentine, Vincent!  Step forward!"

    Vincent slinked forward from his chair in the large meeting room.  He was about to begin his first mission.  Both he and the two others who had been called up with him stood in the area they were assigned to, being inspected by the harsh looking man in front of them, their commander.

    "I am your Squad Leader.  This means, that you listen to me!"  The man's fist suddenly caught Ramses, Harold, square in the chest.  "THAT means, you look me dead in the eyes!"  He walked on.  "It means, you act like a man, and no matter how scared you are, you don't show it!" He punched Marcell, Jack, in the chest as well.  "THAT means, you don't slouch!"  He walked on.  "It means, you can show defiance to an enemy, but never, EVER to me!"  He threw out his fist, ready to slam his knuckles into Vincent's ribcage for the look of contempt he had on his face.  Vincent crossed his arms in front of his chest, which lessened the force of the blow on his ribs.  The Squad Leader's face turned purple in anger, and he swung a right hook at Vincent's jawbone, squawking like a chocobo with it's head cut off.  Vincent ducked the blow, and stood upright, ignoring a perfect opportunity to knock the wind out of the man.

    The Squad Leader stopped, and growled.  "What the hell did you just do, son?"

    "...I insulted you and embarrassed you by dodging your punches, and decided not to push it by not knocking you out cold."

    The Squad Leader paused.  "Fine."  He pulled out his gun, and shot Ramses, Harold and Marcell, Jack in the head, killing them.  "You're the first rookie I haven't killed when they first came up."

    "That may have been a mistake."

    "You don't say."  He turned around, and called for two new troops.


Planetary Year- 1898 --- 4/8   Outskirts of Gongaga

    "Okay... Move out!"

    Vincent and his two fellow rookie Turks bolted for the small, mossy hill.  They crouched at the top, and looked down at the small campsite on the bottom of the hill's other side.

    The Squad Leader pointed.  "There.  Those are the ones.  The rebels.  AVALANCHE.  Our job is to take 'em out."

    "I can do it from here."  Vincent said quietly.

    "Say what?"

    "If I had a silencer, I could pick them off if they came into sight.  No one would notice until at least half of them were gone."

    "Hmm...  Are you sure?"

    Vincent motioned for a silencer.  He was given one, and screwed it onto his gun.  He gestured to a bird's nest in a tree about forty feet away.  He pointed his gun, and shot the nest dead center.


    "Go ahead.  Don't try to miss on purpose."

    Vincent said nothing, and aimed his gun.


    Vicks just didn't get it.  He couldn't find half of the others.  Where were they?

    Karen ran up to him, angry and out of breath.  "It's a... a sniper, sir.  He's already taken out Doreen, Masa, and Chebon.  I don't know how many there are, but someone is one hell of a shot."

    Vicks growled, and loaded his rifle.  "Let's see how this sniper likes the taste of lead, eh?"


    Vincent's hand was burning.  He was holding onto his gun with a death grip.  It had taken a while for him to realize it, but he had killed a person.  Persons, actually.  No less than eight people had gotten close enough for him to take out with his hand gun.

    The Squad Leader nodded enthusiastically.  "Good shots, kid.  We're done for today.  Let's go home."


    Vicks crawled out of the wreckage of the camp on one good leg.  Some idiot had decided to drop a few grenades on the camp, and one had ignited his munitions into a smoldering bomb.  Aside from himself, there was only one survivor.  A baby girl, Karen's daughter.  Jessie.  Vicks took Jessie with him back home, to Cosmo Canyon.  He needed to recover, and then...  Shinra would pay.  AVALANCHE would rise again.


Planetary Year- 1914 --- 7/2   Shinra Headquarters, Midgar

    I can't believe it.  I never expected you to be promoted to Second Class.  My congratulations, Vincent.

    "...Thank you, Professor."

    "Quite welcome.  It's just that...  How did you do it?  When it comes to diplomatics, your only real talent is stopping the conversation.  As quiet as you are, it almost seems that people can feel you coming up behind them.  No matter how undercover you go, people stay away from you.  Mind you, I've never seen such a good shot with any firearm; but..."

    "I suppose they saw what the new recruits looked like, and decided to show them who was on top of the mountain."

    "Indeed.  Two of them show a great deal of potential though.  Er... A Charles Reno, and a Rutford Kevins."

    "That's the ones I was talking about.  If Mister Reno wasn't so good with his mouth, that open shirt and busted up jacket would have kicked him out already.  And the other one...  He has the personality of a brick.  Talks about as much as one, too."

    "Indeed.  But he hits as hard as one, or so the trainers say."

    "True.  I called him Rutford, and he was about an inch away from giving me a black eye in a second.  He refuses to answer to anything but Rude.  Fitting nickname, I say."

    "Hmm.  Quite right, Mister Valentine.  Now, I want to ask you a favor."


    "Volunteer yourself with those two, and go out for a bit.  I have a target which will be a great help for our research.  Would you be so kind as to help us get it?"

    "Why not?"

    "Excellent.  Join me in my office, and I'll show you the pictures.  Her name's Ifalna."

    "I'm right behind you, Professor Gast."


Planetary Year- 1904 --- 7/6  60° N, 30° W, somewhere above the Gaea Mountain Range

    "So...  Let me get this straight.  You drag our rumps halfway across the world, to the coldest goddamn point on the Planet, to capture a girl who Gast wants to use as a guinea pig?"

    "..."  Vincent said nothing.  How many times did he have to tell them?


    Rude's silence made Reno even more uncomfortable than Vincent's did.  He shrugged.  "Okay, okay.  Just making sure.  Don't want to screw up my first field mission, that's all."

    The helicopter zoomed over oceans and wastelands, through freezing winds and small blizzards.  Reno and Rude shivered in their suits.  Vincent calmly removed his midnight blue cape from his pack, and threw it around his shoulders.

    "Why do you wear that?  It can't make you that warm.  It just makes you look like a freak."  Reno said.

    Even through the rookie's sunglasses, Vincent could feel Rude's embarrassment at his partner's brashness.

    Vincent lifted one eyebrow, and drew his gun from it's holster.  He pulled the corner of his cape around the barrel, and pointed the gun at Reno through the cape.  He pulled the trigger.  Reno flinched.  The bullet harmlessly bounced off of the cape, onto the floor.

    "If it can hold a bullet, shouldn't it be able to hold the wind and snow?"

    Reno gulped, and nodded.

    Vincent said nothing for the rest of the flight to the Icicle Inn.


Planetary Year- 1904 --- 7/6  Icicle Inn, Gaea Mountains

    The snow burst up in giant clouds as the chopper slowly lowered itself to the ground.  Three midnight blue clad gentlemen stepped out of the chopper.  The tallest one, with wild, black hair, said something to the pilot.  The chopper returned to the sky, and flew southward, towards the wastes beyond the town.  The men split up, and began walking from home to home.  A women stepped out of her cabin, and waved to the tall one.  "Over here!"

    Vincent saw the women, with long brown hair.  It was her!  He whistled sharply, signaling to his fellows, and began to walk towards his target.

    "I am Ifalna."  she said.  "I will not go with you."

    Vincent balked in surprise and anger, and was about to argue with the woman.

    "But."  The woman held up her hand, to keep him from arguing.  "I will allow Professor Gast to come here.  If he wishes, I will allow him to set up his lab here, in my home."

    Vincent was surprised.  How had she known?  He paused.  "..."  Finally, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out his PHS. (Personal Handheld -communication- System)

    "Gast?  It's Vincent.  We have a proposition.  How would you like to take a little vacation?"


    Professor Gast had been at the Icicle Inn for three months.  He was sending the conclusions of his research with Ifalna on a weekly basis.  Apparently, she was one of the Cetra, the race of Planet-worshippers  which had inexplicable powers which seemed to let them control nature itself.  According to legend, and Ifalna's stories, the Cetra were wiped out by a mysterious power.  According to Gast's theories, it was in fact a plague, which actually had sentience.  This plague mutated one's body, and warped it in unusual ways.  It was called Jenova.

    During the first few weeks, Gast's conclusions had been the simple, straightforward, scientific reports he was well known for, yet as he and Ifalna spent more and more time together, his reports began to focus more on Ifalna, and less on the Cetra.  This disturbed Vincent.  Not only did it seem that Gast was becoming less and less productive every week, but he showed little if any signs of returning to Midgar.  Gast's assistant, Professor Hojo, was in charge of the Science and Research Program in his absence.  He and Vincent had never been friendly.  Because of this, Vincent was fairly surprised when Hojo asked him to accompany him on a research mission, to Nibelheim.


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