The Adventures of Leok, Forest Guardian

By Leok


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leok, and I am a Kokori. After the famous "Adventure of the Ocarina of Time", which my old friend Link went through, another adventure began. I was part of this one though. Link had returned to the Lost Woods and the Kokori Village as a child just a few days ago...

Chapter 1

"Hey, hero!" I called into Link's tree house. I climbed the ladder and found him snoring in his bed. Man, he could sleep through anything!

"Hey! Link! Hello! Hello!" I shouted.

He kept snoring away.

"That's it!" I thought to myself. I took out of my pocket the flute Saria had carved for me, and played her song. The smell of the forest became even stronger than before, and the sweet, lively melody buzzed through the room.

"Huh? What? Who's there?" Link groggily mumbled as he tried to get himself out of bed.

Navi suddenly zipped out of his pouch, which was on the floor, and began to fly around him wildly. "Hey! Wake up! Leok is here!"

Link shook himself awake. "Hi Leok! What's up?"

"The sun, O great and lazy child of Hyrule" I said sarcastically. "In fact, it's all the way up. As in lunch time."

"Sorry, guess I just didn't realize what time it was."

"How can you tell what time it is if you're asleep?" Navi and I asked at the same time.

"I can't. My stomach can."

After going through one of those "bad joke spasms" like on Pokemon, I said, "Lunch is ready. The fairies all chipped in, and somehow made a meatball hero."

"Cool. Be down in a second."

"You'd better eat fast though. Mido is on the warpath. He'd be happy to mess around with you today. His goons are trailing him too."

Everybody knows that Mido never liked Link, but lately it had gotten worse. Mido's lackeys, Vyne and Thorn, had been "assisting him". That usually included Mido pointing and blustering like the wind bag he was while the two idiots pounded someone's face in.

"Worst part about is that unless Mido says so, we can't fight. I wish he wasn't the Big Boss." Link said.

"I'm with you on that one. Let's go down and eat."

We went down the tree house, (We jumped off of the railing. Everyone knows the ladder is for sissies. Even the girls jump.) and walked over to the training grounds, where we began to pig out on meatballs.

Halfway through Link's thirty-fourth piece, Mido walked up to him, and kindly slapped him on the back, shooting crumbs out of his mouth, almost choking him. "Hey Mister high-and-mighty, you better stop eatin' and go down to the Deku Tree Sprout. He said that he'd like you to visit today, so I'm gonna push your rear out of here. Why? Just because I feel like it."

"He just woke up Mido, relax. You know Link, he'll go." I said, stepping forward.

He turned to me like a cat with a bitten tail. "Just for that, you can go with him, and when you come back, you'll dig all of the weeds out of Saria's garden by yourself!"

"Actually, we'll help him." Saria said, coming from nowhere. "I would be honored if you and Link would help me with my garden. Would you?"

"We'd be happy to, Saria." I said. "Right Link?"

"Of course. Right after we visit the Sprout. See you in a bit."

We walked away, pleased that Saria had stepped in, and that Mido now had a face so red you could boil an egg on it.

When we made it to the meadow, the Sprout seemed happy to see both of us, and sad for reasons I couldn't guess.

"Hello Sprout. You called for me?" Link said.

"Indeed I did, Hero of Time. I have a gravely important mission for thou, and for thine friends Saria and Leok."

Link rolled his eyes. "Are you tryin' to sound like the big guy? You're getting better."

The Sprout grinned. "I hoped you'd notice. I've been practicing. Anyway, the three of you will be necessary for this mission, which, if not accomplished, may lose the forest to an eternal darkness."

I gasped. We Kokori loved our land. Without it, we would grow old and die. I was actually once a Hylian, but that was long before Link had been born. I had lost my parents just like Link, before the Unification War had even began. The Tree had taken pity on me, and gave me the eternal and joyful life of a Kokori.

"What's happening to the forest? Tell us!" I begged.

"You do remember what happened when the Deku Tree was breached, don't you? Ganon's evil spread through the Tree, holding back it's protective powers. Something like that has happened, but it is much worse. The Lost Woods have become filled with a similar evil. Stalfos roam unchecked, Poe and Stalchild have become more plentiful, and Moblin are guarding the great meadow along side Deku Baba and Deku Scrub. The Forest Temple has become fully polluted. The three of you are necessary to heal it.

"Why three?" Link asked.

"The Triforce of Courage is needed to defeat the beasts, Saria's powers as a Sage will be essential to make it to and through the temple, and then there is you, Leok.

"Yes? What about me?"

"You have a gift which I wish to bestow upon you. receive it now, my friend."

A glowing orb of power blinded my sight. It exploded, and a huge emerald on a silver chain was in my hands. "Is that the Kokori Emerald?" I asked.

"No, but it is nearly as powerful. You are holding the Guardian Emerald, a crystal formed in the heart of the forest. It will give you the forest's strength, and you will give yours to the forest in return. You will be fully aware of all that goes on in the forest if you focus on doing so, and you can control immense magic."

"You're kidding. Why me?"

"You embraced the forests as a child, although you were not a natural part of it. That is the sign of the Guardian. You are one of destiny. Go now to the Forest Temple, and defeat the evil hidden there."

I slipped the chain around my neck, and I felt myself blaze with power. A green aura was flooding my body, and I just drank it all in. Each of my powers slowly seeped into my mind, one by one. I could call upon wood, stone, crystal, and earth. I could summon creatures of the forest in all shapes and sizes. I could make things grow, wilt, and bloom in mind, body, and soul. I could teleport, speak mentally, understand the languages of spirits, beasts, and plants. I loved this!

We walked back to the village, and as I told Link what I could do, he suddenly got an evil look on his face. "I feel bad for Mido. When he sees how fast we pull out those weeds, his jaw will probably hit the ground."

I laughed at this, and we told Saria our mission. We also told her about our trick. She happily agreed to both.

As we passed by him, we made sure to laugh loud enough for him to come down to us. "Stop laughing and start helping Saria you two pigs!" He led us to her garden, and with a "Get to work!" turned around.

At the garden, I held the chain in between my hands, and mentally commanded, *All plants save these (I said the names of the plants Saria wanted in her garden here.) leave this garden and lift yourselves in the air above Mido, Boss of the Kokori.*

"Hey Mido!" I called out only seconds after he had turned around, "We're done!"

"What are you talking about moron?" he asked. He whipped around, and with a smirk, asked, "Then where are all the weeds?"

"Look up."

He looked up, and I mentally released my hold on the weeds. They plummeted to the ground, burying Mido. We swiftly ran away, towards the Lost Woods.

Chapter 2

We ran up the path to the Lost Woods, climbing the vine-covered wall and entering the woods. The usual dark green serenity of the forest was gone, and in it's place was a true horror. There were dead and dying trees everywhere. At least twelve dead birds were on the ground, being eaten by maggots. I swiftly ran towards the trees, and lifted the Guardian Emerald to my face. *I call upon the forest spirits. Let Fayore's will, Din's might, and Nayru's wisdom prevail. Replenish the life in this defiled and injured forest of the light.*

My crystal rumbled like a dragon and glowed fiercely. I quickly turned to Link and Saria. "My crystal will revive these trees, but nature cannot be sped up quickly enough to heal the forest. Play the Sun's Song and the Song of Storms!"

They whipped out their ocarinas, and played the songs. Columns of light and wind encircled them, and the sun and rain came down with a vengeance upon the Lost Woods. To heal the trees was one thing, but the storm might kill them instead! I pulled out my flute, and begged the Guardian Emerald to teach me the songs which would heal, protect, and empower.

I played a tune which reminded one of the wind through branches, of growing grass, of flowers and shrubs. I felt a strange lightness about me, and when I opened my eyes, there was a white and purple mist dissipating into the land around me. The gem "told" me that the song was known as the Planet Protector. (In case you're wondering, yes, I did take this name from Aeris' Limit Break in Final Fantasy 7.)

The storm whipped and the sun beat, but the forest stayed strong. In fact, I could actually see it being regrown! If this was what being the Forest Guardian was about, then I could definitely get used to it.

We continued through the forest for a couple of minutes when we heard a scream. We followed the sound, and wound up in a clearing that we all recognized. This was where the Deku Scrubs had put up a shooting range target, and where some of the Skull Kids played their songs. Where were those poor souls anyway?

The screams grew louder, and Saria pointed. "Down there! It's a Moblin!"

A moblin had cornered two of the Skull Kids against a tree trunk, and was about to spear them. We all knew we might get killed if we went down there, but we had to do something. Link fired a slingshot bullet at the moblin, and it irately turned around. It let out an immense roar, and chucked a spear at us.

We dodged out of the way, and it pulled out another spear. It turned back to the two trapped Kids, and ignored us. I leaped off of the railing, and reached into the pouch at my side. I whipped a Deku Seed at the beast, and it froze on the spot. Link pulled out his sword, but I stopped him.

"We need to kill it in one shot. Saria, come 'ere. It's time for us to get our hands messy."

I summoned two very hard wooden staffs, carved to perfection. Each had a sharp emerald blade placed at either end of the staff.

"One. Two. THREE!" Saria yelled. We stabbed the moblin as one, and it collapsed into the ground in green flame.

The two Kids bowed in thanks, and disappeared into the woods. We returned to the path, continuing towards the Forest Temple.

We finally made it to the Sacred Meadow. I was glad that I didn't come this way too often. We stepped around the first corner, and instantly were attacked by "Bad" Deku Scrubs. The orange ones. We trashed them with spear and slingshot, and ran around the next turn. Three moblins stood guard there, furious at our intrusion. We had definitely picked the wrong corner to turn.

When we finally got up from the thunderous spear charge, Link looked different. His shoulder had a cut in it, his back and knees were both bruised, and he looked seriously P-O'ed. He stood up slowly, and drew his sword. "Do. That. Again." He said angrily. "I feel like ripping your nasty little eyes out."

The moblin stepped back, and charged with their spears again. Link countered with an intense spin attack which split the head moblin in half. I blocked the other spears by flipping over Link's head, and knocking my staff into the spear points before they could reach him. Saria whipped her staff around, and shoved an emerald right into a moblin's heart. Link jumped into the last one, and chopped him up like a blender on crack.

"Man that felt good! I needed that!" Link exulted.

"If you want some more, just look over there." Saria said, pointing. I could just make out seven or so spears above the wall, marching back and forth.

"We could take them," Link said, "but not from the ground. If we had a ladder or something, we could attack them from the walls.

I quickly commanded a tree nearby to lose some branches. "Will these work?" I asked, "I can get more if we need them."

"These should do," Saria said with a smirk, "For my weight at least."

We clambered up the branches, (the branches did hold everyone's weight. We aren't fat.) and silently padded along the hills which made walls in the Sacred Meadow. When we got close to the exit, Link stepped forward. "Allow me." he said.

With a yell of determination, he swung one hand towards the ground. With another yell, he sent the dome of flames which was Din's Fire around, scorching all of the moblins.

"One problem with that Link." I said dryly, "You set the forest on fire too."

We all played the Song of Storms, drenching the forest. Then we headed for the Forest Temple, and for our adventure.

Chapter 3

We entered the Sacred Meadow's focal point, the entrance to the Forest Temple, and saw the warp pad in the middle of the clearing. I swiftly turned to Link, and knocked him to the floor.

"You idiot! We could have warped here! Why in the world did we go through the whole freaking forest?"

Link slowly got up, and began to laugh. He laughed until he fell on his knees, and then cried until he landed on his face. "Oh man! By the Goddesses! I am so sorry guys."

"It's okay, Link." Saria said, "The pad might have been filled with monsters. We didn't know. It was safer this way."

I nodded in agreement, and apologized to Link as I helped him to his feet again. "We're here now. Let's get in that temple!"

Saria and I called a tree to lift us up into the Temple, and we stepped into the dark and ancient canopy filled with fear and wonder alike. "Watch out for Wolfos." Link warned. "Two should come out a few feet away from the door to the Temple."

I conjured up a Stalfos, and commanded it to go ahead of us for protection. It walked in, and we followed. Three Wolfos, a Moblin, and two Stalfos came out of the ground, and attacked our Stalfos. "Two Wolfos?" I asked Link, surprised at the large band of monsters.

We walked towards the group, which had destroyed our Stalfos completely. and began the battle. Saria ran towards, jumped against, and flipped off of a tree. She pierced a Moblin's head from behind when she landed.

I summoned a rain of crystals upon the Wolfos, and killed two of them. Link had engaged one of the Stalfos, and had already given it a few good hits. Saria and I double-teamed the other, and it knocked both of us back with one swipe. Saria lifted herself up, and angrily began to chant silent words. A ring of orange light swept about her, and geysers of energy suddenly engulfed the monsters.

Link and I looked at Saria with open mouths, and she just blushed. "Guess I don't know my own strength." she said shyly.

"Guess I don't know what this medallion's powers can do!" Link said happily, pulling out the Forest Medallion and looking at it in awe.

"Come on, Hero. We have work to do." I said. We walked into the Temple.

The Temple was similar to the descriptions Link and Saria had given when they told us about their adventures. The great flights of stairs, the immense stone carvings, the rustling of creatures around us, and even the wooden doorways were just as I had imagined them. The biggest difference was noticed by Link after a few seconds. The torch sconces in the center of the room were lit and blazing, but the flames were all black.

"This is sick," Link said, "We don't have to find the flames. We have to find the fire-lights."

"Too true, Hero of Time. You have learned of your mission without me telling you what it was. I am Blight, new master of this temple. Leave now or you shall suffer and die!"

The voice which echoed around the room was accompanied by a light of sickly green and pale red. I was disturbed and disgusted by the sight, and without thinking, flared a blaze of energy at Blight's semblance. The blast was absorbed into the light, and Blight laughed.

"Young fool! I am stronger than you can imagine. If you think that puny blast can harm me, you are wrong! Receive this present, child, and see true power!"

The light began to pulse wildly, and a chain of energy akin to my own whipped towards me. My chest felt very warm all of a sudden, and I felt the bolt be absorbed into the Guardian Emerald around my neck. I felt the energy of the bolt rush through me like a drink of cold water, and I felt stronger for it.

"So, you are the holder of the Guardian Gem. I will now have to destroy you with more care. Listen well children, here is your task. Blue, red, and green are the colors of three flames, and of three Goddesses. You are to find three flames by solving three by three challenges, each challenge representing a Goddess. The final flame is my servant's, and if you can take it, you shall face me. Know that this will not be an easy task."

"We except your challenge Blight!" Link roared angrily. "And I swear that you will die!"

"Come now Hero! You didn't think I would make it easy for you, did you? You shall be plagued by my minions every step of the way. If you do not bring the flames in one hour, I shall kill all of your little Kokori friends. Then I shall torture the Guardian, and make your little Sage start wishing for death! Go Now!"

"We'll win Blight!" Saria shouted. "The Sage, Guardian, and Hero of Time will not let you defeat us, or the Lost Woods!"

We turned away, and Link led us past the black flames, towards a door on the opposite side of the room. "This is where I got my first shot at a Stalfos." Link said as we entered the room.

We trashed a Skulltulla, and entered a large, hexagonal room. A bunch of Stalfos- six in all -leaped forward with bad intentions. Navi and Kiri, (pronounced Kee-Ree) Saria's fairy leaped forward, ready to help out however they could. I called upon the Guardian Emerald's powers, and an orb of green energy surrounded me. A sudden shaft of power filled the room, as the Emerald did what it did best. A blast of magic streaked from the gem, and incinerated three of the beasts. Link had already slashed one to pieces, and Saria was halfway done with her opponent but I knew I couldn't rest. If they couldn't finish the other two off soon enough, they would all return. I chucked my staff at Saria's target, and the distraction gave her enough time to whoop the Stalfos with a stab through it's enormous ribcage. We all turned to the last one, who had backed into a corner. Bad move. We leaped as one, and two staffs and the Kokori Sword rang true in the giant. We were able to rest for a moment, after such a brutal attack.

"Nice shot, Leok!" Saria said, "I couldn't have done one much bigger!"

"Always modest, almighty Sage." I said with a mock bow, "You did pretty good with that staff yourself.

"What about me?" Link asked, half smiling, and half hurt.

"Well, the Hero of Time should be able to take out a Stalfos, even if he isn't 100%." I said.

Link and I were about to start a friendly argument, when a roar interrupted us. We turned our heads, and ended up face-to-face with one REALLY big spider. It had one eye, and I strangely felt like I had seen or heard of it before.

"Queen Ghoma!" Link shouted. "I-I-I killed you and your fat brood years ag- oh man.... I am so confused!"

"Chill Link," I said, "We'll just whoop this one again." I knew I had heard of this thing before. Link's description of Queen Ghoma had played in my mind's eye for days.

Ghoma screamed in anger, and plowing past us, climbed onto the ceiling.

"Shoot the eye! Shoot the eye!" Link screamed.

Saria chucked her staff like a javelin, and caught the beast right across the eye. It screamed, and fell onto the ground. I was about to jump it, and start killing it, when Link held me back. "This one's mine."

The hero stepped forward with the grace and confidence of a legend. He whipped out his sword, and my fellow lefty sliced, diced, and made onion rings out of Queen Ghoma's carcass. It exploded, and instead of blood, eggs, or intestines, we found a sparkling red light. Link picked it up, and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Din's red fire is ours, Blight! That's one!"

The flame disappeared, and we continued on our way. When we ended up in that sewer-tunnel between the two wells, we found another surprise. A blast of water sprayed our faces as the creature reared from the water. Picture a thirty foot tall Octorok. With tentacles. Saria and I blasted energy at the creature, and Link jumped on top of it with a Deku Nut in hand. The creature was frozen, and we began to make it a pincushion. When we were finished, Saria did a back flip into the air, and fired an energy blast from each hand. The monster's tentecals, which were inches away from us were fried, and we leaped off the Octorok-thing just before it sunk into the water. A green light rained upon Saria, and she shouted as Link did, "Faore's powers are ours! One left, Blight!"

Much later, we were in the room that the ceiling fell from. After making it through, we found ourselves in the room that the final Poe's blocks had fallen from. Instead of falling blocks, we were greeted by nine Wallmasters. "I HATE THESE THINGS!!!" Link shouted. "WHY? WHY? ARGGGGG!!!!"

The creatures attacked, and we were forced to fight the annoying beasts... All at once! Three charged me at once. I leaped into the air above my opponents, and landed on one's "back". I slashed it in half, and leaped to the next one. I was able to cut all three down to nothing, but I soon faced nine, because they all grew back! At full size! "I am so screwed." I said to myself.

The others were having a hard time as well. We were now facing twenty-seven of the monsters, and I was all out of patience.

The Guardian Emerald crackled like a sunburst, and an intense wave of energy spun through the room like a hurricane. The twenty-seven split into eighty-one smaller Wallmasters. I had just destroyed their "big" forms. The waves of energy continued, and all of them soon disappeared in bursts of flame and smoke.

"Wooo-hoooo!!! I shouted. "That was FUN!! Let's do that again!"

Saria and Link looked at me like I had three heads.

"Th-th-that w-w-was Umm..." Link stuttered in amazement.


"Ummm... I got annoyed at them, and told the Emerald to freak out on them. What's the big deal?"

While Saria continued to half scream, half lecture me, Link had turned around to study the room. It was full of pictures and scrolls. At one picture, Link froze in fear. "Hey. Come 'ere you two."

We took the room in bit by bit, as Link had, and stopped at the painting he was in front of. It was at least twice my height. It was a picture of a skeleton, crackling with a sickly green aura of power, massacring children. With knives, clawed arms, jaws, and energy blasts, the monster was surrounded by hundreds of small corpses. As I looked at the scene closer, I realize something else. The children were of every race imaginable in Hyrule. Skull Kids, small Gorons, Zora, Hylians, a few young Gerudo, and every one of the Kokori. Hanging on a wall, strung up by chains, being whipped with flails, were two figures. Link and Zelda. On the Rack, Saria hung, screaming, with tears flooding her face. I was being drawn and quartered, my eyes blood red, my mouth open in anguish, tears falling, and my arms and legs were ripping off before my eyes.

"Hello, Blight." I said quietly. I read the inscription under the portrait of terror and agony. The Conquest of Hyrule - This is the final blow that Lord Blight, Demon Sage of Death will strike Hyrule with. When this, the final battle, has been won, he will be able to kill off the world.

I walked to the center of the room, and noticed a small stone lectern. On it was an inscription: "For the Flame of Wisdom, you must strike each portrait with it's opposite. Be warned, wrong matches will cost you time, AND pain. You have ten minutes left. Tick-tock!

"We have ten minutes you two!" I shouted. "Here's our mission for the Blue Fire."

They read it, and we started to walk about the gallery. There were pictures of beasts and birds, forests and valleys, oceans, mountains, battles, life, death, good, evil, darkness, light, and everything else imaginable. I soon realized that we were looking for the same landscape, but with the tables turned and the idea different.

I blasted the picture of a tiger, gorging itself on a boar. I also struck a picture of a tiger, sitting lazily in the trees, a boar trotting along below it, both surrounded by birds, flowers, and butterflies. The two pictures floated through each other, and resembled a picture somewhere between the two. A tiger was eating something in the trees, while birds and flowers covered the land below him. The two suddenly hit the ground, and disappeared.

Saria, Link, and I blasted picture after picture, until we were left with only two. One was a lush, paradise of a landscape, full of good and bad alike skipping merrily through the fields and forests. There were kids of all races in the picture, but no green skeleton. I scanned the painting again, and realized that I knew how to kill Blight. I struck the paintings, and a blue flare of light covered my sight when they disappeared.

"That's three Blight!" I shouted. "Bring your servant down here!"

We were transported to the main hall, where three flames brightly burned. The black flame was gone.

"Where is it?" Saria asked.

"Behind you! Duck!" Link shouted.

A black blaze of heat swept inches away from the back of my neck when I ducked. I turned around, and fired an all out blast at the creature behind me. It was a Poe. A big, Big, BIG Poe. It's yellow eyes glinted malevolently. It held a black torch in it's hand. It was dressed in scraps of clothing a sick mixture of the four "Little Woman" Poes.

Link fired his slingshot at the same time I fired the bolt. Both hit the torch, but not him. Nuts, staffs, bombs, boomerangs, magic, staffs, swords, and even The Lens of Truth were tried on the beast. (Don't ask me how Link fits all that in his pockets and backpack, I don't know either.)

I pulled out my flute, and played the Sun's Song. The undead giant froze, and we preceded to kill it... for the second time in it's existence.

The purple flame lit up, and we followed the elevator down, and entered the room Link had fought Phantom Ganon, in seven years time.

He was huge. The green skeleton's ribcage was filled with a throbbing green and red piece of meat I could only guess was his heart. He was Death incarnate. He held a dagger in one hand, and a scythe in the other. He roared angrily, and charged us.

"Keep him busy! I can take him!" I shouted.

As they defended themselves from the creatures blows, I pulled out my flute... and played Saria's Song. The sweet music filled the room, and did two things: it shrunk Blight to half his height (about twice ours now) and made us feel stronger. We slowly began to gain the advantage over him. I whipped my staff over my head, and shattered three ribs. Saria's staff shattered three on the other side. Link chopped off both arms, and his sword began to glow.

"You did it once with Zelda's brand of magic, Hero of Time." I said through clenched teeth. "Do it again! Save the forests. Save our home!"

Saria and I closed our eyes, and began to chant magic. Link's sword changed. The Kokori Sword's blade grew longer. It's hilt was stronger, and elaborately carved with the symbol of the Forest. Four crescents connected as a pinwheel. The sword, imbued with the power of the Forest's Sage and Guardian, glowed green. Link's leap sounded like a bird song. His swing released the smell of oak and pine trees. His strike resounded through the room until it sounded more like the death of a beast than the sound of steel on bone.

In Blight's death throes, I said very simply, "Go join the souls you put in your painting. Let them torture you for an eternity! Be gone demon! Leave this place forever!"

Blight exploded, in purple smoke and white fire. When the dust had settled, everywhere was the smell of the forest.


We returned to the Kokori Village, and talked about our adventures with the Deku Tree Sprout. After hearing our tale, he asked us a few questions.

"Tell me Leok, how did you know Saria's Song would weaken Blight?"

"Simple. The painting without Blight was full of joy and happiness. Life. Innocence. That's what Saria's Song means. The joy of a child. I played the song, and exposed his weakness."

Intresting. One more thing. What was the inscription under that horrible painting?

"I think it was... "This is the final blow that Lord Blight, Demon Sage of Death will strike Hyrule with. When the battle has been won, he will be able to kill the world." Or something like that." Saria said.

"Lord Blight, the Demon Sage." The Sprout murmured. "I have bad news. The Dark Triforce has been released. You three have a great deal more to do."

"The Dark Triforce?" We echoed.

"The Triforce is made of three triangles. In the center is an upside-down triangle. If you built an upside down Triforce from that triangle, you would see the Dark Triforce. The Demon Sages are like our sages, but they deal with other powers. Death, Emotion, Illusion, Beast, Sky, and Force are the Demon Sages. Unless all six are killed, the War of Gannondorf may be repeated. Even just one of the Dark Sages can resurrect him from the other dimension."

"I guess we have another quest ahead of us." Saria said.

"A lot more fighting." Link added.

"And plenty more excitement! Let's get to it, my friends!" I added.

And so, we left the Scrub, strengthen by his powers so that we could leave the Kokori Forest. We had a grand adventure ahead of us. I couldn't wait!

To be Continued.... Some day....



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