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My name is Dan Schmidt and I'm 16 years old. I base all my stories around FF7 (which is still my favorite game to date). Other than writing stories, I enjoying hockey (ice and roller, GO FLYERS!), watching movies, and listening to Guns N' Roses, Reel Big Fish, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I appreciate feedback of all kinds! Send all feedback to thefranchise019@aol.com Also, please visit my own fanfiction site: Absolute Final Fantasy Fanfiction Thanks!

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableShinra Reborn- Three weeks after defeating Sephiroth, a familar evil awakens in the city of Midgar, plotting the rebirth of Shinra and the new Neo-Midgar plan. Meanwhile, Avalanche must chase down a scientific mad man bent on bringing back Avalanche's greatest foe, Sephiroth. Avalanche must stop him at all costs, even if it means destroying a chance to bring back a lost friend and comrade.
Prologue - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 1 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 2 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 3 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 4 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 5 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 6 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 7 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 8 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 9 - June 30th, 1999
Chapter 10 - June 30th, 1999

ReviewableUnderground Empire- One year after the defeat of Sephiroth, Cloud begins having the same strange nightmares and headaches he had the year before. Along with Cid and Aeris, Cloud travels to the coldest regions of the planet to find the last remaining piece of Jenova. Meanwhile, the rest of Avalanche and the Turks team up to stop a madman bent on global genocide. He plans to build his own empire under the earth, and just wait until you find out who that villian is!
Chapter 1 - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 2 - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 3 - July 26th, 1999
Chapter 4 - August 26th, 1999
Chapter 5 - November 8th, 1999
Chapter 6 - November 25th, 1999
Chapter 7 - November 25th, 1999
Chapter 8 - January 1st, 2000
Chapter 9 - April 3rd, 2000
Chapter 10 - April 3rd, 2000

The Dark Fleet- Two years after the defeat of Sephiroth, the world is finally at peace. However, that peace is short-lived. A powerful Shinra warlord has returned to civilization to lead Shinra to glorious victory. He conquers city after city, and to top it all off, he kidnaps a beloved Avalanche member. Desperate to stop another Shinra rebirth and free their cpatured comrade, Avalanche must travel to the bottom of the ocean to locate a long lost Cetra Weapon.
Chapter 1: We Are Taking Over - June 27th, 2000
Chapter 2 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 3 - December 13th, 2000
Chapter 4 - December 13th, 2000

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic