Well my name's Kyle Marks, but mostly I'm known as Ragarok III. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia (in Canada). I'm 17, and will be 18 on the 31 of August. I think the Final Fantasy series is the greatest saga of games ever created, and FF6 is the greatest title to date. Oh yeah, I'm engaged to be married on the tenth ^_^

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
ReviewableFinal Fantasy 7 Episode 1: The Great War- Some of the major events which take place before the game begins... mainly  dealing with Sephiroth's life; and how he came to be who he is.
Chapter 1: Crises in the Sky - August 2nd, 1999
Chapter 2: The Birth of a Warrior - August 2nd, 1999
Chapter 3: The War Begins - August 2nd, 1999

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic