Sydney SAMA

Pen Name: Sydney SAMA or Syd the SAiNTCHiCK
Real Name: Sydney Kim
Age: Must you really know?? Ok, well, i'm 15.
Sex: Female
Nationality: i'm asian

Ok, well, Blue Oblivion is kinda old, so if it sucks, i'm sorry... Well, please read and enjoy my fanfics! And please please PLEASE send me feedback!!!

ReviewableContent Warning!!!Blue Oblivion
Blue Oblivion by Sydney SAMA - July 26th, 1999

ReviewableClear as Fog- One conversation, one moment, two people. Can a few words change everything? Or will things stay the same?
Clear as Fog by Sydney SAMA - December 13th, 2000

ReviewableWill You Be Waiting- It's all a matter of perspective...what extreme measures would Tifa go for Cloud?
Will You Be Waiting by Sydney SAMA - December 13th, 2000

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