Hobbies:D&D, video games, rollerblading, writing, reading, terrorizing the locals

RPGs I Own: Breath of Fire III, Breath of Fire IV, Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, FInal Fantasy X, Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Legend of Dragoon, Vagrant Story

RPGs I've Beaten: See "RPGs I Own"

Professions: custom paint jobs for cars, comedian, gamer

Profieciencies: Playstation, PS2, Nintentdo 64, Mountain Dew

Favorite Quote: "I'm the f*cking Lord of Darkness. Why the F*CK is there a bubble machine" - Ozzy Osbourne

Aspirations in Life: Don't Die

Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction
- This is a self narration by the Masamune on his existence and impact on FFVII.
Masamune - July 4th, 2002

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfic