Suikoden 2!!!

Suikoden is one of the best RPGs of all-time, and it was my personal favorite. Now, three years after its release, we have been graced with a sequel in the form of Suikoden II. The game takes place three years after the original, in the Jowston/Highland Kingdom, and centers around a new Hero and his childhood friends, Jowy and Nanami.

Fanfiction- Stories by fans of the game.
Fan Art- Artwork by fans of the game.
Reviews- Heh, the title speaks for itself.
Luc's Tablet has a list of the 108 Stars of Destiny, along with their pictures and corresponding Star from the original.
Adlai's Elevator of Art has some of Konami's artwork, including scenes and drawings of Non-Star characters.
Klaus' Information Station has all the latest Suikoden 2 information, along with a walkthrough.
Apple's Battle Strategies contains information regarding the large-scale battles.
Annallee's Melodies is where you can ask Annely and the band to play a few tunes for you.
Connell's Junk contains movies, screenshots, and the Japanese box art.
Viki's Teleportation contains links to other Suikoden 2 pages.

Suikoden II Logo Art

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