Luc"Just as you could in the original Suikoden, you can acquire up to 108 companions in Suikoden 2. As the game progresses, you will meet a great variety of characters. Some of them will join your party, while others may not because certain conditions have not yet been fulfilled. Each character has its own special abilities and distinguishing characteristics. It is to your advantage to increase the number of your companions for strength in battle and for protecting your headquarters. Below you will find a list of the 108 Stars from Suikoden 2, and the star to which they coincide with from the original Suikoden. There are also some characters who may join your party, but are not Stars of Destiny.."

The 108 Stars of Destiny
Star Suikoden 1 Suikoden 2 Joins In
Tenkai Star Young Master McDohl Hero (Riou) Highland
Tengou Star Lepant Ridley Wizen / Boris Wizen Two River (Human)
Tenki Star Mathiu Shu Radat
Tenkan Star Luc Luc Your Castle
Tenyu Star Humphrey Mintz Humphrey Mintz Highway Village
Tenyu Star Kasim Hasil Hauser Tinto
Tenmou Star Kwanda Rosman Kiba Your Castle
Teni Star Pesmerga Pesmerga Cave of the Wind
Tenei Star Gremio Sierra Mikain Tigermouth
Tenki Star Warren Teresa Wisemail Greenhill
Tenfu Star Kun To Nina Greenhill
Tenmen Star Cleo Feather/Sigfried/Abizboah Forest Village/Kobold Forest/Crom Mines
Tenko Star Viktor Viktor South Window
Tensyo Star Valeria Valeria / Tomo Gregminster / Ryube Forest
Tenritsu Star Griffith Fitcher Two River (Human)
Tensyo Star Clive Clive South Window
Tenan Star Flik Flik South Window
Tenyu Star Camille Tsai Ryube Forest
Tenku Star Kreutz Jess Tinto
Tensoku Star Stallion Stallion Radat
Teni Star Kage Georg Prime Drakemouth/Tigermouth Pass
Tensatsu Star Fu Su Lu Hanna Toto
Tenbi Star Kirkis Killey South Window
Tenkyu Star Milich Oppenheimer Anita Muse/Banner
Tentai Star Pahn Feather/Sigfried/Abizboah Forest Village/Kobold Forest/Crom Mines
Tenjyu Star Sonya Shulen Nanami Kyaro
Tenken Star Anji Rina Coronet
Tenhei Star Tai Ho Tai Ho Kuskus
Tenzai Star Kanak Eilie Coronet
Tenson Star Yam Koo Yam Koo Kuskus
Tenpai Star Leonardo Bolgan Coronet
Tenrou Star Hix Hix Kobold Village
Tensui Star Tengaar Tengaar Kobold Village
Tenbou Star Varkas Freed Yamamoto South Window
Tenkoku Star Sydonia Yoshino Yamamoto Radat
Tenkou Star Eileen Chaco Two River (Winger)
Chikai Star Leon Silverberg Klaus Your Castle
Chisatsu Star Georges Gilbert Battle Map 3
Chiyu Star Ivanov Tetsu Lakewest
Chiketsu Star Jeane Jeane Two River (Human)
Chiyu Star Eikei Wakaba Forest Village
Chii Star Maximillian Maximillian South Window
Chiei Star Sancho Genshu Coronet Docks
Chiki Star Grenseal Camus Rockaxe
Chimou Star Alen Miklotov Rockaxe
Chibun Star Tesla Jude Greenhill
Chisei Star Jabba Lebrante Radat
Chikatsu Star Lorelai Lorelai Gregminster
Chitou Star Blackman Tony Forest Village
Chikyou Star Joshua Levenheit Gijimu Tinto
Chian Star Morgan Rikimaru Ryube
Chiziku Star Mose Gantetsu South Window
Chikai Star Esmerelda Simone Verdricci Radat
Chisa Star Melodye Connell Forest Village
Chiyu Star Chapman Hans Two River (Human)
Chirei Star Liukan Huan Your Castle
Chijyu Star Fukien Tuta Muse
Chibi Star Futch Futch Highway Village
Chikyu Star Kasumi Kasumi / Tomo Gregminster / Ryube Forest
Chibaku Star Maas Badeaux Forest Path
Chizen Star Crowley Mazus Crom Mines
Chikou Star Fuma Mondo Rokkaku
Chikyou Star Moose Sasuke Rokkaku
Chihi Star Meese Leona Mercenary Hideout
Chisou Star Sergei Adlai South Window
Chikou Star Kimberly Raura Tinto
Chimei Star Sheena Sheena Your Castle
Chisin Star Kessler Kinnison Ryube Forest
Chitai Star Marco Shiro Ryube Forest
Chiman Star Gen Amada Radat
Chisui Star Hugo Emilia Greenhill
Chisyu Star Hellion Zamza Toto / South Window
Chiin Star Mina Karen Kuskus
Chii Star Milia Lo Wen Tinto
Chiri Star Kamandol Tenkou Crom
Chisyun Star Juppo Gadget Greenhill-Muse Guardpost
Chiraku Star Kasios Annallee South Window
Chitatsu Star Viki Viki Forest Path
Chisoku Star Rubi Koyu Your Castle
Chichin Star Vincent de Boule Vincent de Boule Radat
Chikei Star Meg Meg Greenhill-Muse Guardpost
Chima Star Taggart Mukumuku Kyaro/Muse-Greenhill Border
Chiyou Star Giovanni Marlowe Tinto
Chiyu Star Quincy Richmond Radat
Chifuku Star Apple Apple Toto
Chihi Star Kai Long Chan-Chan Crom
Chiku Star Lotte Millie Ryube
Chiko Star Mace Tessai Kuskus
Chizen Star Onil Taki Lakewest
Chitan Star Kuromimi Gengen Mercenary Hideout
Chikaku Star Gon Gabocha Two River (Kobold)
Chisyu Star Antonio Yuzu Kobold Village
Chizou Star Lester Hai Yo Your Castle
Chihei Star Kirke Kahn Marley Crom
Chison Star Rock Barbara Mercenary Hideout
Chido Star Ledon Sid Two River (Winger Sewers)
Chisatsu Star Sylvina Shin Greenhill
Chiaku Star Ronnie Bell Oulan Kuskus
Chisyu Star Gaspar Shilo Lakewest
Chisu Star Window Alex South Window
Chiin Star Marie Hilda South Window
Chikei Star Zen Bob | 2 Two River (Kobold)
Chisou Star Sarah Ayda Forest Village
Chiretsu Star Sansuke Pico Greenhill
Chiken Star Qlon Alberto Tinto
Chimou Star Templeton Templton Toto
Chizoku Star Krin Hoi Radat
Chikou Star Chandler Gordon Gregminster

Nonstar- McDohl (The first letter will be changed to whatever you set his first name as; I don't know why the hell Konami did this, because it makes no sense whatsoever. If you gave McDohl a name in all caps in the original, the caps will overwrite the letters in his name, provided the name given to him was six characters.)
Nonstar- Makumaku (flying squirrel)
Nonstar- Mekumeku (flying squirrel)
Nonstar- Mikumiku (flying squirrel)
Nonstar- Mokumoku (flying squirrel)
Nonstar- Loradia (kraken)
Nonstar- Chuchara (kraken)

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