Cornell"Hey! I've got some cool stuff here for you to check out. The movies are absolutely amazing, so you must give them a look! There are also some great screenshots for you to check out. Enjoy!"

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Intro Movie 1 (3.15 Megs)
Intro Movie 2 (3.15 Megs)

Box Art
American Front- This was the original design; fortunately, Konami decided to use the Japanese box art here as well.
Japanese Front
Japanese Back

A burst of energy
Another cool spell
Battling some strange bird-looking creatures
Battling the undead
Fighting a giant skeleton-dragon
Fighting against beautiful scenery
Four small enemies...
...Getting nailed by a cyclone
Honey, it's that damn two-headed snake again!
Inside Neclord's Castle
Jowy speaking with The Hero at the Unicorn Camp
Kinnison talking to the Hero in the forest
Nanami casting a spell
Nanami speaking with some soldiers
Now that's a castle!
Princess Jillia's horse-drawn carriage being driven down the streets of Kyaro
Sigfried casting a spell
Some sort of Ice Dragon
Speaking with Shu
The Circus Attack (Unite between Eilie, Rina, & Bolgan)
The entrance to Kyaro
The Hero and Jowy's Buddy Attack
The Hero battling a griffon
The Hero in front of a beautiful sunset
The Hero standing in a large field
The Hero standing in a large foyer
The Hero standing in front of a counter
The Hero standing on the docks
The Hero talking with Flik
The Hero, Miklotov, Camus, Eilie, Rina, & Borgan in battle
The status screen when a character joins the group
This looks like trouble...
Viktor and Flik's Mercenary hideout
Would you like some fire with that?

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