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• You will be able to buy meals while at restaurants. Bringing them new items such as rare herbs, fish, and meats will enable them to make you new meals. The meals you order act mainly as healing items.
• Suikoden II allows you to breed cattle and grow crops on your farmland. These are used for ingredients in the restaurant, and little else.
• Suikoden II will have a shopping street at the castle where every type of item, weapon, and equipment can be found, solving the problem of forgetting what store a certain item was located in.
• The Hero from the original Suikoden can appear in the game if you load data from Suikoden 1 saved at the end of the game (after heading into Gregminster) with Gremio revived. He joins your army, but is not one of the Stars of Destiny (there are six others like this.) After recruiting McDohl, you can use him in your party any time you want, except you have to return to Gregminster each time you want him in your party. It's pretty cool to see the reactions of returning characters when you first meet him. The Suikoden 1 data can be loaded when you first start a game of Suikoden 2, but if you have no old data, McDohl and Gremio will not appear in the game at all.
• The game will have three endings.

Returning Characters (contains spoilers)

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