Large Suikoden II Interview! First Details Exposed!

Dengeki Playstation, a well-respected Japanese Playstation magazine, printed this interview with Konami of Japan, asking them about one of this year's most anticipated RPG's.

As I'm sure you're just as excited about Genso Suikoden II as I am, here's the slightly-abridged (yet very informative) interview!

Interviewer: Dengeki Playstation

Interviewee: Mr. Murayama (Genso series director)

- Here's the question all the fans are waiting for: Is Genso Suikoden II a continuation of the original?

That was my intention from the could consider the original Suikoden's story to be on "this side," Suikoden II's should be on "the other side," so to speak. However, the world view will be the same.

- So, will that go for locations and such, as well?

Nothing from I will be similar to II in exactly the same'll sense connections between things, though.

- Will Suikoden I's 108 characters be in II?

The 108 stars will appear in Suikoden II. About 1/3 of the characters from Suikoden I will be in II. People that still have save data from Suikoden I can expect something good to happen in II (laugh).

- Lots of fans love the characters Gremio and Kasumi. Will they be appearing in Suikoden II?

I have a feeling that there will be a lot of things in the game that will bring a grin to the faces of those who played the original, but the final characters in II are still in development.

-How about the battles?

The battle screen will remin basically the same, but we're going to add many more attacks and techniques.

- How about Suikoden's famous combined attacks?

Since combined attack moved people to try and play with all 108 party members, there's a strong possibility they'll remain in II.

- Then the rune system should continue, right?

The Suikoden world view requires runes, but that's all I can really say.

- What about army battles?

Huge, sweeping battles are an important part of Suikoden. The army battles in II will be more dramatic, and will allow us to see characters we might only see once otherwise.

- Are there any other aspects of Suikoden we can expect to see improved in II?

The HQ system, the army battles, that sort of thing...

- Then, the HQ system will remain in II?

I think so. We're going to put in lots more fun stuff to play with in II's HQ.

- What about the music?

The world view isn't strictly fantasy, and not strictly Chinese-themed. Therefore, we want to create music that incorporates many factors. I'm sure there will be a lot of trial-and-error this time around, too (laughs.) We want an encompassing "All 108 characters together" theme, which will be pretty hard to do (laughs.)

- Isn't it kind of difficult to make a game with 108 characters?

When we were making the first game, a lot of people said "Why not cut out some of the characters and call it 'Genso Saiyuki' or 'Genso Chushinzo?'" (laughs) NOTE: Saiyuki and Chushinzo are Chinese fables that are just as famous as Suikoden, but have less characters.

- Those sound like fun, too (laughs.) Will this game continue the concept of controlling a main character who assumes leadership of an army?

That's correct. The basic concept will be the main character leading 108 army members. We're going to design the game so that those who didn't play the first one can enjoy II, but fans of the original will really enjoy the sequel.

- Will Genso Suikoden II have FMV?

In a way, some FMV is just like watching a play. I think it can harm the tempo of a game. I think we're going to find a better way of telling the story.

- What's the completion percentage of the game?

Well, the scenario is moving forward... but there's so much planning involved in RPGs that a percentage cannot be explained in words. We're thinking about a lot of plans... it's impossible. (laughs.)

Cool eh? While it looks like Genso Suikoden II is still a ways off, it's still exciting to finally see some information. Look for tons of updates, and the first pictures, when they're available. And if you still have yet to play Suikoden, you really don't know what your missing. It really is the best 32-bit English RPG thus far...

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I would like to thank Game Fan for this interview.

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