Near a border garrison, there was a young man. By a truce pact, one hour of peace had arrived. His foster sister Nanami waits on a street of their hometown, Kyaro. Being able to meet her again after so much time will be pure joy. The boy was leisurely chewing on those thoughts.

A tent flap lifted, and another young man appeared. Childhood friend, companion, and friend. Joey begins to smile. "Already changed? You're an early riser, eh?"

He too was looking forward to tomorrow's return to their hometown. Toward the future he held no anxieties or fear in his smiling face. The gears of destiny turn slowly.... But they will certainly continue to turn. Even the memories of many people cannot detain them.

As members of the Highland Kingdom military youth corps UNICORN, the Hero and Joey joined a city alliance, and participated in unfruitful battles.

Muse City, South Window City, Tinto City, Green Hill City, Two River City, Matilda Knights Group: 5 cities and 1 knights group composed the Jowston Cities Alliance and military power. The border wars between Highland Kingdom and the Alliance historically didn't die out.

Several months before our tale begins, two influential leaders -- Highland Kingdom's princess, Agares Blight, and Muse City's mayor, Anabelle -- were connected by a truce pact between them.

Tired of fighting, the people welcomed this, but the fire of animosity continued to smolder....

The 108 Stars who will become the Hero's companions are members of the Jowston Cities Alliance, uniting with their enemy Highland Kingdom. No less than 140 characters will appear in all, and an epic story will begin to be spun.


He is the adopted child of Genkaku, the master of a dojo at the edge of the town Kyaro. After Genkaku's death, he enters the UNICORN youth corps.

He is son and heir to the distinguished local family of Atreides. Jowy is the Hero's childhood friend, and although he led a comfortable life, both he and the Hero volunteer for the military youth corps.

She is Genkaku's adopted child, and the hero's older foster sister. After Genkaku died, she becomes the hero's only family. Nanami is a cheerful young woman, and a tomboy.

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