The Band"Just select any tune from below and the band and I would be glad to perform it for you."

Annallee's Song (14.1 KB)- A remix of the main theme from the original Suikoden. In Suikoden 2 it is done with full vocals in the Japanese version, however the vocalized song does not appear in the American version when you recruit Annallee (instead, you just get about two minutes worth of silence for your troubles.) If you ask me, this is unexcusable considering how long Konami delayed the game. The music will still play, however, when the band is on stage in the castle. This music is playing on the main Suikoden 2 page.

Beautiful Morning (26.2 KB)- Nanami's theme, played every morning when she wakes the Hero and Jowy up.

Dive Into a Corner (78.2 KB)- Luca's Theme.

Flik's Theme (30.3 KB)- Played whenever Flik shows up. Very triumphant. Reminiscent of the full-scale battle theme from the original Suikoden.

Hidden City (41.5 KB)- The song that plays in Rakkaku, the Ninja hideout.

Hurry! Enemy Approaching! (33.6 KB)- The opening theme for Suikoden 2.

Luca Blight (78.2 KB)- Plays when you fight Luca.

Neclord's Theme (60.8 KB)- A very cool, dark piece played when you face Neclord.

Retrospection (21.2 KB)- This is a very cool piece. Really makes you think.

Richmond's Theme (44.8 KB)- Dandy Richmond's theme song; very cool.

Ryube Village (5.09 KB)- A very peaceful song.

Sad Song (21.1 KB)- Plays during many of the saddening scenes of the game.

South Window (13.7 KB)- Kitchy little tune.

Those Who Work Must Eat (17.6 KB)- Plays at Flik and Viktor's Hideout.

Two River (Winghorde) (50.8 KB)- Plays in the Winghorde area of Two River.

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