Apple"If you don't have the proper strategies when heading into battle, the only thing you're destined for is failure. Here you will find information on how each of the characters available for use in the full scale battles can affect your Company. This information should prove useful when arranging the units."

General Unit Type Att. Def. Special Abilities
Ayda Arrow 6 5 Repair Self / Forest Walk
Boris Physical 9 8 Evade
Flik Arrow 7 7 Cavalry
Georg Physical 11 8 Critical
Gilbert Physical 7 8 None
Hero Physical 8 9 Bright Shield
Hauser Physical 9 7 Cavalry
Kasumi Arrow 6 6 Scout
Kiba Physical 7 12 Cavalry / Heavy Armor
Luc Magic 10 4 Wind
Max Physical 6 7 Cavalry
Mazus Magic 9 6 Fire
Ridley Physical 10 7 Critical
Teresa Arrow 5 6 Bombard
Valeria Physical 8 8 Cavalry
Viktor Physical 8 7 None

Other Characters
Character Att.+ Def.+ Special Abilities
Adlai -


Annallee - - Encourage
Apple 1 2 Evade
Camus - 1 Cavalry
Chaco - 1 Flight
Emilia - - Investigate
Freed Y - 1 None
Gijimu - 1 Melee
Hanna 2 1 None
Huan - - Heal
Humphrey - 2 Heavy Armor
Jeane - - Lightning
Jess 2 - Evade
Jowy 2 1 Critical
Klaus - 3 Evade / Cavalry
Koyu 1 - Repair Self
Lo Wen 2 - Melee
Lorelai - 2 None
Miklotov 1 - Cavalry
Nanami 1 1 Repair Self
Oulan - - Bodyguard
Pesmerga 3 - Cavalry
Shin 1 - Critical
Shu 3 1 Critical / Evade
Tai Ho 2 1 None
Templton - 1 Shortcut
Tsai 1 - Fire Spear
Tuta - - Repair Self
Yam Koo 1 1 None

Special Abilities
Ability What it Does
Bodyguard Makes that group immune to death on the battlefield
Bombard Attack enemy within five squares
Bright Shield Heals all allies within a two-square range of the Hero's company
Cavalry Move+2; Company rides on horseback
Critical Can cause double damage
Encourage Allies whose turns have ended within one square of Annallee are given an extra turn
Evade Can avoid taking damage
Fire 3x3 Fire damage within a 3 square range (can harm allies as well)
Fire Spear Fire damage in a straight, 3 square path
Flight Move+2; No restrictions on movement
Forest Walk Can move 3 squares in forest (not compatible with Cavalry)
Heal Heal one damage point for one ally company within a three square range
Heavy Armor Allows company one extra hit before retreat (three instead of two)
Invention Attacks all within one square range (including Adlai)
Investigate See the likelihood of an attack being successful
Lightning Lightning damage to one enemy within a three square range
Melee 100% damage vs. Magic & Archer companies (only works for Physical Attack units)
Repair Self Heals one damage point on self
Scout See the likelihood of an attack being successful
Shortcut No movement restrictions
Wind Wind damage to one enemy within a three square range

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