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Notice: As of May 13th, 2002 I'll no longer be announcing fanfic and fan art updates on the individual update pages for each game. Please refer to the main Fanfic and Fan Art pages for those updates.

May 9th, 2002
• "Of Damsels and Dragons" by Mintbaby.
• "Destiny's Child Prologue & Ch. 1" by D.J. DeVore.
• "Combat Diary" by EmperorSteele.
• "Hearts and Mirrors" by Jonatan L.
Fan Art
• Three pieces by Manda.
• Two pieces by Psycho Kiwi.
• One piece by Blue Dragon.
• One piece by Chibi Garnet.

April 16th, 2002
• "Liana Is No More Ch. 1" by Amber Gehrke.
• "Darkness Falls Ch. 22-45, Epilogue, & Afterword" (Finished) by Gemini83.
• "Collision of Destinies Ch. 1" by Palaedon.
• "Revamped Prologue" by Tadhg Looney.
• "JIHAD Chapter 1" by Winter Weil.
Fan Art
• Eighteen pieces by Legolas.
• Four pieces by John Joseco.
• Two pieces by Manda.
• Two pieces by Meredith.
• Two pieces by Ryu-chan.
• Two pieces by Saria.
• One piece by Koty.
• One piece by TR_Jessie.

March 29th, 2002
• "Flight of the Bumble Bee" by Bounty Hunter Lani.
• "The Eternal Ring Prologue" by Nicola Gregory.
• "Adversary Ch. 13-14" by Triad.
Fan Art
• Three pieces by Nico.
• One piece by Fira Flame.
• One piece by Lance.
• One piece by Pinkbows.
• One piece by Saria.

March 9th, 2002
• "A Clone's Redemption Ch. 1-2" by WindWolf.
• "To The Ends of the Earth Pt. 1, Ch. 6" by Angel.
• "Love Lies Bleeding" by GrandLordMagus.
• "Wishes Ch. 1-2" by Jeff Schmidt.
• "Long Time No See Ch. 1-4" by Radicaldreamer_kid.
• "The Death of Neo-Midgar" by Wallwalker.
Fan Art
• Two pieces by Meriko Robert.
• One piece by Candytrip.
• One piece by Justin Kobayashi.
• One piece by Libby.
• One piece by Manda.
• One piece by Manga Freak.

February 8th, 2002
• "Path of Seduction Ch. 2-3" by Ardwynna Morrigu.
• "Seven" by Asyria.
• "Darkness Falls Ch. 2-21" by Gemini83.
• "Adversary Ch. 11-12" by Triad.
• "J I H A D Prologue" by Winter Weil.
Fan Art
• Three pieces by Solavis.
• Three pieces by Zephyr Shino.
• Two pieces by SilverKnight.
• One piece by June.
• One piece by Manga Freak.
• One piece by Manda.

February 1st, 2002
• "Redemption Ch. 22-25" by Janet Monstwillo.
• "Shattered Dreams & Sleeping Pills Ch. 20-24 & Epilogue" (Finished) by WindWolf.
• "Cloud the Schizo" by Flux.
• "Darkness Falls Prologues 1-2, & Ch. 1" by Gemini83.
• "Valere Iubere" by Luminaire.
• "Legacy of the Past Ch. 5-7" by Nemo.
• "Further Fantasy 7, Pt. 6-10" by RyokuMas.
• "Honey, Vanilla, and Satin" by SilverKnight.
Fan Art
• Six pieces by Manda.
• Four pieces by Sarah R. Braun.
• Two pieces by C.R.
• One piece by GeminiAngel.
• One piece by Helene Castaing.
• One piece by Kayin Vanderkill.
• One piece by LeanneA.

December 23rd, 2001
• "Evolution of Innocence Ch. 17-20" by Janet Monstwillo.
• "Shattered Dreams & Sleeping Pills Ch. 18-19" by WindWolf.
• "Final Fantasy VII: Legacy Part 1, Ch. 1" by The Chronicle Weaver.
• "Path of Seduction Ch. 1" by Ardwynna Morrigu.
• "Snow and Shadow Prologue" by Tenshi.
Fan Art
• Four pieces by Manda.
• One piece by Catalyst.
• One piece by Jamie Petero.
• One piece by Princess Virgo.
• One piece by SweetXilver.

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