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     A corrupt corporation known as Shinra is sucking the lifeforce out of the planet. As the planet slowly dwindles away, it is up to a group known as Avalanche, and ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife to keep the planet alive. Their troubles do not stop here, as a biological experiment gone wrong is out to destroy the planet, as well as all those who live on it. A meteor is summoned, and Cloud and his companions must set out to save the future of the planet from any who may try to do it harm. The epic adventure known as Final Fantasy VII has begun...

Fan Art


FF7 Collage... A Work Of Art

     If you have any fanfic stories or art, send them in and I'll post them for you. Please note that I don't answer questions regarding problems with the game through e-mail (ex. 'How do I...' or 'Where do I...”

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