Below are a lot of midis of songs from the game.

Final Fantasy VII Midi Collection- A zipped file containing all of the midis listed below. (321 KB)
Aeris' Theme (111 KB)
Aeris' Theme 2 (8.27 KB)
Aeris' Theme Remix (4.61 KB)
Aeris' Theme Remix 2 (6.37 KB)
Ahead On Our Way (58.4 KB)
Ancient Forest (38.2 KB)
Barret's Theme (13.1 KB)
Battle Theme (47.6 KB)
Battle Theme 2 (18.9 KB)
Birth Of The God (Final Battle, Second Form) (139 KB)
Bombing Mission (22.6 KB)
Boss Battle Theme (53.5 KB)
Boss Battle Theme 2 (46.7 KB)
Boss Battle Theme 3 (57.6 KB)
Boss Battle Theme 4 (28.1 KB)
Boss Battle Theme 5 (96.1 KB)
Cait Sith's Theme (9.76 KB)
Chasing The Black-Caped Man (38.2 KB)
Chocobo Ranch (17.7 KB)
Cid's Theme (17.8 KB)
Commercial Theme (9.12 KB)
Cosmo Canyon (14.5 KB)
Cosmo Memory (23.5 KB) A rearranged/swing version of Cosmo Canyon by Yoda. Do not post this without his permission.
Costa Del Sol (11.1 KB)
Costa Del Sol 2 (76.6 KB)
Debut (The Date) (12.3 KB)
Electric de Chocobo (69.2 KB)
Ending Credits (30.2 KB)
Escape! (52.9 KB)
Fiddle de Chocobo (54.1 KB)
Flowers Blooming In The Church (26.9 KB)
Flow Of Life (4.89 KB)
Flow Of Life 2 (55.2 KB)
Gold Saucer (62.5 KB)
Gold Saucer 2 (55.3 KB)
Goodnight, Until Tomorrow! (.42 KB)
Highwind Takes To The Skies (41.6 KB)
Honeybee Manor (4.91 KB)
If You Open Your Heart (4.59 KB)
Infiltrating Shinra Tower (11.7 KB)
Interrupted By Fireworks (8.66 KB)
Jenova (39.5 KB)
Jenova 2 (22.1 KB)
Jenova Absolute (52.2 KB)
Kalm (8.56 KB)
Lurking In The Darkness (7.05 KB)
Main Theme (Overworld Theme) (17.2 KB)
Mako Reactor (39.8 KB)
Materia Mountain (6.04 KB)
Mideel / Bonevillage (12.9 KB)
Midgar (8.92 KB)
Mog's House (12.3 KB)
Motorcycle Chase (19.1 KB)
Nibelheim (8.72 KB)
On That Day, Five Years Ago (3.27 KB)
One Winged Angel (55.1)
Opening Theme (55.2 KB)
Oppressed People (16.6 KB)
Red XIII Theme (12.9 KB)
Requiem (2.6 KB)
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony (17 KB)
Sending A Dream Into The Universe (2.83 KB)
Sephiroth Theme (7.45 KB)
Sephiroth Theme 2 (21.7 KB)
Shinra Company (9.5 KB)
Staff Role (70 KB)
The End of Shinra Inc. (3.7 KB)
The Forested Temple (5.67 KB)
The Great Warrior (18.8 KB)
The Nightmare Begins (6.94)
The Prelude (7.5 KB)
Tifa's Theme (37.8 KB)
Turk's Theme (31.2 KB)
Ultimate Weapon (14.5 KB)
Underneath The Rotting Pizza (19.3 KB)
Valley Of The Fallen Star (Cosmo Canyon) (22.5 KB)
Valley Of The Fallen Star 2 (18 KB)
Victory (18.1 KB)
Victory 2 (10.4 KB)
Who Are You? (5.74 KB)
World Crisis (81.5 KB)
You Can Hear The Cry Of The Planet (15.2 KB)
Yuffie's Theme (59.1 KB)

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