Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Do some of you guys still know Harvest Moon for the Snes? Well that was a great game. I played it about 4 years ago and it was one of the best games I ever played. Why you ask? It's a farming game. Now you will probably laugh even louder, but, you didn't play the game. Besides farming (which I found very boring too before playing this game) there were so many other things to do. I was very happy I finally got it, I got high expectations for it thanks to the old Snes version.

And because the back of the box says: 'It's a different kind of Role-Playing Game for the entire family!' I will review this game as an Rpg.


The story around Harvest Moon: Back To Nature is pretty cool, but nothing more than that. This kind of disappoints me because the Snes version's story was (in my eyes) slightly better. Well I'll try to explain the story a bit: A long time ago, you had to skip holiday because your father had to go on a business travel. So you were sent to granpa's farm. You had a great holiday, you even met a nice girl you played with. But, it ended, and you return home.

Now, you are just grown-up (although you don't really look like it) and you enter your Grandfather's farm. He died so you have to build up his ranch. Also, the village's mayor comes to see you and tells you you have only 3 years to rebuild you ranch and make friends with the villagers. If they don't like you after the period, you have to leave the village.

Will you build up your ranch? Will you be able to stay after 3 years? Will you perhaps meet the girl you met all those years ago? It's all up to you! Let's milk the cows, baby!

Story gets 7/10


The graphics are (especially for that time) extremely well done. It's all 3D but its still a Psx, remember that. Don't expect when I say 'It's all 3D' Final Fantasy 10 stuff on your screen. It's all 3D, but basic, yet still very good. The only bad thing about the graphics I could think of is, the loading when you enter another screen. And that's because we are dealing with a Psx so you got that now right?

Graphics get 18/20


This is cool. In this game, there is always something to do. Sometimes there are too many things to do. You could go on like forever (well I haven't tried that yet). I'm married now and my wife is pregnant. Thank you thank you. Look Im not spoiling anything, cause you might just not marry anybody. It's just that I have such amazing skills of seduction! No just kidding. Anybody, even those ugly people out there, can marry a girl of his choice. You just have to be nice to them, give them things they like and give good answers to their questions. After a few years (well I did it way faster) you too will certainly get married. Anyways besides that there are lots of other things to do. Festivals, races, mini-games, etc. There are even some 'side-quests'.

Length gets 10/10


As you can read everywhere in this review, everything is extremely original. In my opinion the most original game out there (well from the ones I have played).

Originality gets 10/10


The sound effects are okay, the music is okay (well in fact its good but there is so many times the same music so its just okay) and what do you want more? It's way not perfect but its really not bad.

Sounds get 14/20


The basic goal of this game is making your farm grow. Someway, I wasn't so addicted to it as I was at the Snes version. But it's still very cool to see your crops grow and then sell them, to catch fish throw them in your pond so they multiply and you can sell the large ones for lots of money, to train you puppy into a real watch-dog, to milk the cows etc. The only thing I didn't like was to get all the eggs every day, throw them in a box and then feed the chickens. Also when I tried to feed them there is a 75 % that you miss and waste your food. Strangely, after you successfully fed the first one, the others will go very easily. Well in fact this isn't a problem because the Harvest Sprites will help you, but they will have to like you. So, giving them stuff wouldn't be a bad idea. They especially like mushrooms, berries and the like.

In this game there is always enough to do and the mini-games etc. are fun! But I expected some more from them. Sometimes it's just 'Hi! Bye! Die!' (don't take the last one seriously) and you are home again. But, again, sometimes it's very cool, you can even ride you own horse, and race with him or bet on other horses if you didn't take good care of your horse. Shame on you then. Well I didn't take good care of my horse so the old boss took him away... hehe....

Gameplay gets 26/30

Story: 7/10
Graphics: 18/20
Length: 10/10
Sounds: 14/20
Gameplay: 26/30
Originality: 10/10
Overall: 85/100

Compared to the Snes version, I was a little disappointed. However, Im sure that you will like this game. It's so bloody original.... Go buy it man!

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