Hey my real name's Matt, Im from the Netherlands and Im 16 years old now. I always have been a great fan of Rpg's since Secret of Mana was released here (one of the first Rpgs in Europe). I really love the Final Fantasy series, but since a few weeks I have been totally hooked on Suikoden 2. Its really annoying that so many great Rpgs (Chrono Trigger/Cross, Legend of Mana, Xenogears, FFTactics and much more) are not released here. And when they are released here, you have to search all over for it!

Anyway, I hope I can somehow help you if you aren't sure whether to buy a game or not, because I try to be totally honest. Of course it is possible that you have a whole other opinion about a game and I respect that opinion. Well if you still have questions or comment you can always mail me at

Sony Playstation
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
Star Ocean: The Second Story
Suikoden II

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