Hey there, I'm Brian, you're friendly neighborhood webmaster. Seeing as I'd like to get some more traffic to this area of the site, I figured I'd start writing up some reviews myself. I give all games scores for certain aspects of the game (Graphics, Music, Gameplay, Characters, and Plot), and an Overall score. The overall score isn't necessarily going to be the mean of the others; it's weighted, so it could be significantly different from the mean score. Also, some games will have additional categories. If a game has voice acting, there may be a category for Sound. Also, if a game is particularly good or bad about a certain aspect, I'll add a category for it so I can make a note of it (ex: I'm currently playing Wild ARMs 2. The dialogue is horrendous. When I review it, I'll definitely be sure to add a category just for that.)

Well, I hope my opinion helps you out in your RPG-buying search. Ciao.

Sony Playstation
Saiyuki: Journey West

Sony Playstation 2
Kingdom Hearts
Suikoden III

Super Nintendo
Final Fantasy IV

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