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NOTE: I didn't play the game on an emulator, so don't come to me with questions about it. Also, if I made a mistake on any questions which dealt with emulators, please don't bother correcting me, because I just got the answers pertaining to this from other people.

Q: Where can I find all the character pages, walkthroughs, armor lists, etc?
A: Those have all been moved to the Information section.

Q: I've heard that you can get Schala, Ozzie, Toma, and Tata to join you. Is this true?
A: No, no, no, and no. There is NO way to get these characters to join you. Despite the theories of a certain person (*cough*Saul*cough*,) you can NOT get any of these characters to join the party.

Q: Can you find Schala after she disappears?
A: Nope. Face it, the game has been out for a few years now. Nobody's found her because she's not able to be found. That's what fanfics are for!

Q: I heard a rumor about a secret sword called the Prismic Sword. Is it real?
A: It is possible to "get" one, by charming enemies in the Black Omen. At least it'll SAY that you got one... however, I think it's a translation error, because if you check your inventory, you won't have any Prismic Swords, but you will have one more Rainbow Sword. This kind of makes sense, since rainbows are a prismic phenomenon... at least it makes more sense than most Japanese->English translations. Thanks to Jed Blue for his help on this one.

Q: What is the best way to reach the maximum in your stats (Power, Defense, Speed, etc.)?
A: Once you have reached level **, face Spekkio (who should now be a red Nu). You will get a Cheerful set each time you beat him, which includes 10 of each Tab and 10 Megalixers!

Q: I've been to Bangor Dome and Arris Dome, but I haven't gotten far at all because I can't see where I am going. There is some heavy fog present when I enter all the domes, except for Bangor. What do I do?
A: If you're playing the game on SNES, the fog shouldn't be a problem. If you're on an emulator, it's a glitch. I've been told that pressing F5 or 3 will make it go away. Please note that this will make it so that you can't see the text on the screen. I've heard that most newer emulators have corrected this problem, so you may want to try downloading a newer one.

Q: I'm playing Chrono Trigger on an emulator. Right now I'm at Arris Dome where I'm trying to access the secret passage way. I caught the rat and learned the password. However, when I entered it, it doesn't work. How can I fix this?
A: Apparently, emulators don't let you press multiple buttons at once. Someone told me that you just have to change the L&R buttons to the V & B keys, so that might do it.

Q: Where can I find the Moon Armor?
A: The Moon Armor can be found in a chest in the Northern Ruins. It is one of the powered up items. To get it, try to open the chest in 600 AD, but say no. Then, venture to 1000 AD and open the chest.

Q: Near the end of the game, the old man at the End of Time gives you hints about what to do next. Who is he talking about when he says that someone close to you needs help fast?
A: Gaspar is referring to Queen Zeal. Some people seem to believe that he's referring to Lucca's mother or Marle's father, but it's actually Queen Zeal that he's referring to.

Q: In 600 AD, on the lower continent where Tata and Frog live, there is a house that has a drawer where a sparkle appears. Everytime I try to open it, it says it's locked. How do I unlock it?
A: First, you will need the Naga-ette Bromide. To get it, go to the room in the Cathedral with the guardian soldiers and open the drawer. Three monsters will come in saying "They got the Bromide!" and attack you. Later on, go to the house and give the Bromide to the man there (so you know, it won't show up in your inventory). He will unlock the drawer for you, giving you the Magic Tab contained inside.

Q: Where can I get the Mop?
A: You can get the Mop by charming the Nu in the Hunting Range (65,000,000 BC). You can also get it by getting into a fight with an enemy while in the Haunted Forest in 600 AD when the Nu is on the screen, and charm it from him.

Q: Is there a way to get both the Prism Dress and the Prism Helms?
A: You can just get the Prism Helms and then charm a Prism Dress from Queen Zeal's Left Hand. This also works vice versa, by getting the Prism Dress and then charming Prism Helms from her Right Hand. You can charm up to three from her, once in 1000, once in 600, and once in 12,000 BC. There's one other method that works. Say you chose the Prism Dress your first time through the game. Just start a New Game+ using that game's data and choose the Prism Helms this time. It's not as quick, but this still works.

Q: What is a good way to gain experience so I can get to level **?
A: For extra experience points, fight the Black Omen in 1000 AD first, then it will still be there in 600 AD, and again a third time in 12000 BC for maximum points. However, the absolute best advice I can give for this is to do a New Game+ and just do everything over again. Another thing you could do is go through the conveyor belt in Geno Dome, which give large amounts of experience points. Do not beat it though, as you will be unable to re-enter.

Q: What are some of the best ways to gain Tech Points?
A: You can get 100 tech points for fighting Rubble on Mount Woe, Turrets on the Blackbird, and Sidekick Orbs in the Black Omen.

Q: After I start a New Game + there is a sparkle on the right telepod. What is that?
A: That's kind of a shortcut to Lavos so you can now face him whenever you want.

Q: I've looked everywhere to find a copy of Chrono Trigger, but nobody has it. Where would I be able to find it?
A: Chrono Trigger isn't in production any more. Your best bet would be to look at eBay. They've usually got a few copies up for auction. Or, now that Final Fantasy Chronicles has been released for Playstation, you can just go to the store and pick it up.

Q: How do I put music on my page?
A: I'm not sure why I get asked this so much. I mean, is it really that hard to view a page's source code? Anyways, the html code is:
<EMBED src="Whatever.mid" height=60 width=140 autostart=true loop=true>

Q: Is there a trick to the 10 pt. game in Norstein Bekkler's Lab (the one with Vicks, Piette, and Wedge)?
A: Sure. When it asks you for Piette OR Wedge, it will be the one standing alone:

Piette or Wedge                 Dude


Whenever it asks for Vicks, he will be the first one in the double group:

Dude                Vicks Dude

Q: In EGM #100, it said that the coolest part in Chrono Trigger was finding Bagu's hidden cabin. Who is Bagu, and where is his cabin?
A: EGM printed a retraction (issue #101, p. 18) stating that they goofed. Here is their correct "coolest part" for Chrono Trigger (not that I agree with it...):
Coolest Part: Playing Chrono Trigger and thinking back to the time you found Bagu's hidden cabin in the forest in ZeldaII!

Q: Is Flea a girl or a guy?
A: Well, Flea says that he/she is a guy in the game, but he/she acts and looks like a girl. My guess is that Flea is just gender confused.

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