Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve

Release: September 9, 1998
I Purchased it on: September 11, 1998
I Beat It On: September 13, 1998
*The above dates are given so you have an idea of how long it takes to beat the game*
Company: Square Electronic Arts
Genre: Action RPG


Graphics 10
Music 8.5
Storyline 9.5
Characters 10
Length 6
Fun Factor 10
Replay Value 9.5
Overall Score 9.0

Best Feature(s):

The battle system is fun and unique, while not totally abandoning the factors of other RPG's. The graphics are nice, and the music fits in with the area you are in. The game is not quite as easy as most Square games, which is a plus, considering they are too easy...most of the time. Another Plus is the fact that after you beat the game through once, you get to the EX (Extra) Mode. This allows you to explore the Chrysler Building that you couldn't get to the first time through. It is also a bit like Chrono Trigger's new game plus feature, because although your levels return to 1, you get to keep all your equipment. But to even it out, the enemies are in larger numbers, and also have more strength and HP.The storyline is also a plus, as it is intriguing and surprising the whole way through, right until the credits. Finally, the characters all are well "defined" as you know much about each one. They are also all very interesting. Also, Aya (the main character) and Eve (the main enemy) have a connection that is not completely understood until the end.Also, the Opera scene sounds just a bit better than the one from FF6....although maybe not quite as memorable. (Maybe. I guess people bursting into flames is hard to forget...)


Worst Features:
The #1 worst feature: The incredibly short length. I went to a couple of extra places that you needn't go to, and I also leveled up a little.....and the game took me between 9 hours to beat. Come one Square! But....the EX mode adds a lot to that 10 hours, nearly doubling the time it takes to beat the game. I have yet to beat the EX mode. But hey, I've only had the game a day and a half! Also, the Tool mode leaves a little to be desired..although it lets you upgrade your armor and weapons, you lose the armor/weapon that you are transferring the skill from!


You can find tools around New York in chests. By using one, you can take a skill from a piece of equipment you have and move it to another one! Unfortunately, you lose the equipment that you take the skill from....

Other than those minor things, there aren't really any flaws.

This game is great, although you can beat it in a night or two rental. The EX mode will keep you playing, and the story will keep you entertained until you beat it. Square did a great job with this one!

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