Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics


Graphics 9.5
Music 9.5
Length 9
Plot 10
Characters 10
Fun Factor 10
Replay Value 9.5
Total Score 9.6

You are Ramza of the Beoulve family, and the youngest of two brothers. Ramza's family is well respected throughout the kingdom of Ivalice. Balbanes Beoulve, Ramza's father, passed away shortly after the 50-year war.
This story begins along with a new war, the "Lion War", which is a struggle for the thrown between Prince Larg and Prince Goltana, who are sworn enemies.
Ramza played a very important role during this war, but was not known as the true hero. Instead, his former Ally, Delita Hyral, was considered the hero of the war, although he did nothing to earn his title. This game tells the story of Ramza's struggle to protect Ivalice.

Graphics: The graphics in Final Fantasy Tactics are excellent, especially for a strategy game. The charactes move very realisticly and smoothly. Their actions as very lifelike, especially for cartoonish style. The people look almost real. The characters' portraight's are in anime stlye, and are very nice looking. Each job class has a unique picture as well.

Music: The music in FF Tactics is great as well. Each piece fits the situation very well, going from a happy village tune to a satanic chanting. It is well placed, and is composed beautifully.

Length: Final Fantasy Tactics is split up into Chapters, and all together there are four. The Chapters are quite long, especially the fourth, which is about as long as Chapters one through three put together, if you include the two optional side quests. It could be slightly longer, but they added enough to keep you entertained. This game will hold you over for quite awhile.

Plot: The plot in Final Fantasy Tactics is very deep. It often confuses people,  no matter how good they are at RPG's. The mood is betrayal, and back-stabbing is an every day occurance....and usually it is your friends that do the back-stabbing. The plot will keep you wondering what will happen next until the very end. There are many suprising events in the game, that will affect everything that you have accomplished so far. The story is definatly a plus.

Characters: The characters in Final Fantasy Tactics are very well developed. Each has their own personality, as well as their own hidden agendas, especially Delita Hyral. Often, the characters will suprise you with the revelation of their plans. Friends turn to enemies, enemies become friends, and strangers join you along the way.....and each one has reasons for doing so.

Fun Factor: FF Tactics is excellent in this section. It will keep you hooked until you beat it, at least until you get stuck at Velius (you will see what I mean..hehehe). The battles are well developed, and very unique. The Job System is another plus, and makes the game more interesting and fun. In this game, leveling up is actually pretty fun, knowing that you will soon be able to summon monsters, control the elements, or throw shurikens. In our opinion, it is the best Final Fantasy there is.

Replay Value: Replaying this game is almost a must. Many people have to play it through at least twice to fully understand it (if that's possible). Also, the quests for Final Fantasy 7's Cloud Strife, as well as the Deep Dungeon, will keep bringing you back to this game.

Other Comments: The job class system makes this game more interesting, as does the unique battles. The ending have some people angry (Silent Wind of Doom) while it interests others (Wandering Prophet). It really makes you think, whether you scream with rage at the ending, or simply nod in respect for an interesting idea. We'll just say's definetly a unique ending.

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