Front Mission 3

Front Mission 3

I first decided to rent this Front Mission 3. And believe me, Square has come through with yet another reason why I love this company.

Gameplay: (10/10)

Simply incredible. The difficulty level is perfect since I find myself getting Platinum medals rarely and occasionally dying or squeaking with a Bronze medal. Excellent handling of your Wanzers (pronounced van' -ser) in battle allows you to actually feel the human movement in each mech. Also, the L1 and R1 rotation allows for full view of any angle on the battlefield. Also, having played games like Shining Force and most Strategy/Simulation games, I do not bias against this type of battle system. If you can appreciate a good Strategy/Simulation with an RPG format, you will LOVE Front Mission 3.

Storyline: (9/10)

Not realistic, some people say. Well, are most games supposed to be realistic? I rate storyline based on the tensions and realism that each character should feel in the situation. Front Mission 3 does this exceptionally well. The various plot twists and random dialogue will not disappoint. I actually feel a little for Kazuki Takemura and his buddy (I won't give too much away, hehe). All in all, a good story that will hound your mind for days on end.

Audio/Video: (7/10)

All that glitters is not gold. How about silver? The visual effects are reminiscent of FF8 and Square does some great improvements with the Video Sequences and changes between characters and scenes. I have to lower it some points, however, because the sound is slightly monotonous and rather boring. It does not capture enough emotion and seems a little lazy. The visuals are impressive, but nothing amazing (FF8 has done it before).

Replayability: (9/10)

This game is excellent for restarting. There are different plot-lines and many different styles of creating your mechs. You can even go back to try get all Platinum medals (I wish!). Also, since there are so many variations and options, you can complete certain areas of the game differently. I would play it again, if only I didn't have to write this review, argh...

Originality: (8/10)

This game has an interesting concept of placing Strategy/Simulation with RPG in a futuristic environment. However, Xenogears has come close to this idea and many simulation games play like this. The most original idea is the Internet ability. Going online is restricted, but really fun. I've never seen a game quite like it, but I have seen tons of games that have similar characteristics.

Buy/Rent/Burn/Literally, Burn:

I would recommend renting this game, first, because this type of game is not for everyone. However, if you can appreciate any good game or like this genre of gaming, buy it. It is worth your money.

Total Score: (43/50)

Rounded Score: (8.6/10)

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