Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9

Producers: Squaresoft
Genre: RPG

Final Fantasy VI is probably my #1 favorite Final Fantasy game. It has all the elements I love. Multiple quests, character developments, nonlinear, Esper System (great and has diversities) and plot. When FFVII and FFVIII came out on PSX.. both lack a very big problem. That problem itself is characteristic.

True that may not be a biggie.. but it gets old seeing the same kind of people over and over.. without any diversities at all. They may have their own unique weapons and skills.. but such does not make them any different since their physical/magical properties of each of them is basically the same as each other.

So where's the black mages who are physically weak but strong Black Magic casters? How about knights who are insanely weak in casting little or no magic but strong physically?

It seems that's how Square is going to answer on the next FF series... Final Fantasy IX

After playing more than 40 hours.. I have finally came to my full review and conclusion of this wonderful game.


It's interesting how each character(s) have their own personal problems which reflects today's human lives. This itself, gives me interest in playing the game and see how they resolve such problems. Granted these ''problems'' maybe common.. but not everyone solves it at the same way. I must say there are some very moving parts in the storyline (if you're sentimental).. especially when Zidane woke up in Pandemonium area (you'll know cause of the great ''You're Not Alone'' music plays). Also.. our hero is NOT a wimp unlike Cloud and Squall. Our hero does NOT have any personality problems (like Cloud) nor loneliness (like Squall) which gives a good refresh mind for game players. Game play is a great mixture of FF1-6. We have character diversities (finally! which FFVII and FFVIII doesn't have), a new system (combination of Espers and Materia) and more! One major problem I really thought was terrible is the loading time. Which loading time? The BATTLE. It takes way too long to load and can create players to attempt to avoid battles due to this. Granted it may not be as long as it seems.. but it could've been faster. With a heartwarming storyline (I'm a sucker for that) and game play.. it truly deserves a good rating (although isn't the most original nor the best).


It's obviously the same controls from the previous FF series (except starting from FFVII, they switched the OK and CANCEL commands from the original configuration for FF1-FF6). The controls is near perfect.. but the configurations can be improved. Sometimes I can't tell what that item does or such.. and while pushing SELECT does help.. it gets in the way (block other items) and it also gets annoying turning it off and on. If they added an ''info'' section (a walkaround instead of the ''Select'' style.. like FFVIII's way).. then it would've got a perfect score. Again, it's just a very minor problem which wouldn't hurt gameplay or controls at all.


Square obviously doesn't make too many mistakes when it comes to graphics. It isn't any big improvements from Final Fantasy VIII at all. It does seem to be a little more grainy compared to FFVII and FFVIII.. but nothing that would disappoint gamers. After all.. it's the STORYLINE and CHARACTERS that makes the game.. not just the graphics. Chrono Cross still has the best graphics currently in my book.


It's a shame.. although there are some great music (battle theme, outworld, ''You're Not Alone!'').. most of the music is based on the theme of Melodies of Life. Granted it's a great song (better than Eyes on Me.. but I think Radical Dreamers is still the best), but I think it's overused in this game which can annoy the players resulting in muted games. The most memorable one I love is You're Not Alone! (played when Zidane woke up in Pandemonium). After playing that (located on DISC 3).. it matches with the ''situation''.


Thanks to loading time, I don't think many will replay this game over and over. It doesn't have as much extra features as FFVII (those games and such) or NEW GAME+ (like Chrono Cross/Trigger). Also, having it linear really turn down the need to replay the game. After all, why play again if you're going to do the same situation again without any alternative choice?


This is NOT the best FF game ever (regardless of all the hype). It IS a great attempt to create a great game.. at least it's one of the better RPGs you should play. While it makes up for character diversities and system.. it lacks a nonlinear game play and replayability. The old FF style's with character diversities and new FF style's next generation graphics really help me relive the old days like Final Fantasy VI (man I would love to play FFVI like this). If you're an old school FF fan.. then this game is recommended. Otherwise, it won't hurt checking out a heartwarming game.. regardless if it doesn't have the most original storyline in the world.

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