Reviewing Guidelines

You must be signed up as a reviewer before you can start reviewing games. In order to become a reviewer, you must send me at least two reviews so that I may get an idea of the quality of writing that you can offer. Once you are a reviewer, you will be expected to continue to send reviews in. I don't like having people send in only one or two reviews and then quit. If you don't plan to keep up with sending in new reviews, please don't apply to be a reviewer.

• Reviews must be decent in length. I have received many small reviews that I am not going to post due to short length.

• Please check for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, etc before sending your reviews in. I will not edit reviews for such mistakes.

• Please give the Title, Company, and Genre of the RPG if it's for an RPG that doesn't already have reviews. This helps me to get things posted quicker.

• If you have a spoiler, mark it!

• You must have beaten the game to post a review on it.

• The review can be over any RPG on any system.

• If you're reviewing a collection of games (ie Final Fantasy Anthology, Arc the Lad Collection), please review each game separately.

• Please do not get angry at other reviewers in your review. It is their own opinions, not yours.

So, you've read the guidelines? Still want to be a reviewer? Coolness. Send an email with your first batch of reviews to and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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