Chrono Trigger

Platform: SNES
Creators: Squaresoft
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG

Plot: 9.5
Characters: 9
Music: 10
Graphics: 10
Battle System: 9
Extras: 9
Replay Value: 9
Overall: 9.5

Chrono Trigger is one of my all-time favorite video games. Its plot has a few loopholes when is comes to the whole paradoxes that go with time travel, but is over complete and developed well. You can follow how the plot is going, and it makes a twist at every turn. The story is basically about a teenage boy named Crono and his part in saving the world from the dreaded being Lavos, which destroys the world in 1999 A.D. Crono must travel through time and unravel the meaning of why he was sent there, and how it connects with Lavos. Like the main character of Suikoden 1 and 2, Crono is mute. There are some parts of the game that may surprise you.

There is a lot of time throughout the game to thoroughly developed characters. With the exception of two people, important facts about the character's history are revealed. Doing the sidequests will explain even more things about their pasts. You get to know each character's personality, past, and skills pretty well. Usually, you try to stick with the same characters throughout the game. I use Crono, Marle, and Lucca whenever I can. The game includes six normal characters, and one secret/optional character.

Chrono Trigger definitely has some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard, and its soundtrack is one of my favorites. There are some songs that fit so well with what's going on in the game that it brings tears, or even gives you a major boost of adrenaline. I'd recommend playing the game for the music alone. You may just find yourself sitting somewhere, listening, instead of playing sometimes.

Chrono Trigger has the best graphics out of every single SNES game I've played. I've come to enjoy its animation better than some 3D RPGs. The backgrounds are beautiful, and the sprites stick right in with them. This is a game that needs no improvement in the category of graphics. It may not be state-of-the-art-blow-your-mind 3D graphics, but it definitely is impressive, and is a lot less cluttered. It is also easier to figure out where you're going.

Battle System-
You can have three characters at a time in Chrono Trigger. These three characters at many different techniques they can use. Most characters can eventually get magic, but those without make up for it with the other techs they have. Their are double and triple combinations, so you can include your whole party in one attack. Like the Final Fantasy games, your characters can attack when their attack gauge reaches the end. These gauges, though, go a LOT faster. This makes for quick battles. You actually see your enemies, so this eliminates random battles. I think that this alone is good. You can avoid battles by moving to the side, or going by them quickly. This can become a bad thing, though, because when it is easy to avoid enemies, many do. You may not be strong enough to defeat some bosses.

There are a couple sidequests and games to play throughout Chrono Trigger. Once you finish with the Ocean Palace, and then the Blackbird, you have the choice to participate in seven sidequests. By doing these, you can get really good items and weapons, information of the history of characters, and even laugh your head off. Most characters get their ultimate weapons in these, so that alone is a good reason to do them. The game is a LOT easier if you have the Rainbow Sword, charged Masamune, etc. Also, at the Millennial Fair in 1000 A.D., you can play a few games. You can bet on races, dance, enter a soda-guzzling contest, find out how strong you are, and fight a robotic cat created by one of your characters. You can earn Silver Points, and spend them in the "Tent of Horrors." By winning the games in there, you can get a poyozo doll, cat food, cats themselves, and clones of your characters.

Because Chrono Trigger has so many endings, replay is a necessity. You can end the game at nearly every point, and this will result in getting a different ending. The basic ending that you get can even be changed in quite a few ways, giving it variations. While some of the endings are pointless and stupid, some are REALLY cool! I've played this game MANY times, and have gotten all of the endings. It's the only real way you can "beat the game."

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