Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross

Platform: PSX
Creators: Squaresoft
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG

Plot: 10
Characters: 6
Graphics: 9
Music: 8
Battle System: 8
Replay: 7
Overall: 8

Plot -
The plot of Chrono Trigger is very complex and confusing at time. You have to deal with the issues of multiple universes and the effects of time travel. Chrono Cross stands best alone than it would as a sequel. If you like to really get into games, this is for you. The plot changes a few times throughout the game, but it is basically about the characters Serge, Kid, and Lynx. One of the coolest part of this game is the fact that you can bring characters to meet their counterparts in the other dimension you can visit.

Characters -
There isn't much in the way of character development, due to the amount of characters you can receive, but the main characters Serge, Kid, Lynx, and Harle do have much revealed about them. These four characters make up for a lot, but the other characters are still pretty cloudy.

Graphics -
I was absolutely stunned when I first got this game on Christmas of '01. I played it right away, and the graphics just amazed me. The backgrounds were beautiful, breathtaking... The characters were really well animated, and were the best I had seen. I had gotten FF9 also for that Christmas, but I noticed that Cross graphics were better. I loved the FMVs. These impressed me more than anything else in the game. They were so colorful and vivid. Actually, the whole game is like that. It's a really bright game! This makes it a lot more pleasant. The graphics are a lot happier than most games.

Music -
A lot of the music featured in Chrono Cross are just remixes of Chrono Trigger songs. The new ones, though, are beautiful. The CC OST is one of my favorites. The ending theme song is the best. An unfortunate thing relating to this is that the song has many different remixes featured without the game, but you can't love the song until you've heard the ending version with lyrics. The music in CC is more elegant than most RPGs, and definitely one to listen to.

Battle System -
The system in CC is quite different from that of its prequel, CT. You still have three characters at a time and can see enemies, but you use an elemental grid instead of learning techs. All of your characters get three of their own techs, two that naturally come and one that you have to earn/find somehow. You have to buy the attacks you want to use, just like the materia thing in FF7, only you get a LOT more slots. Each character has a color that applies to the elements they buy. These colors determine their natural techs and some of the higher slotted elements you can buy. You also get three types of attacks: Low, Medium, and High. High is the hardest to get, while low is the easiest. A combination of medium, medium, high is my personal favorite.

Replay -
Due to problems with my memory card, I had to restart the game halfway through. this was REALLY annoying. I really didn't want to replay the game up until that part. It was inconvenient and annoying. Even though there are multiple endings, replaying the game seems like too much of a hassle. It wasn't so bad once I started it again, but replaying was kind of annoying. The beginning of the game is slow, but it gets better as it goes on. I loved the second half of the game, and enjoyed replaying that in one of the other times I replayed the game. The game is a lot easier if you're playing it for a second time, so that is an advantage.

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