What can I say? Xenogears just kicks @$$! After Suikoden, it is probally the best RPG I've ever played. It combines the backstabbing and betrayal of Final Fantasy Tactics, the in depth story and epic love line of FF7, the great music composition of Crono Triger and Suikoden, and creates the best character development I've ever seen. Though only lacking in the graphics part, it more than makes up for it with the 20+ minutes of anime cutscenes, including the awe inspiring intro and ending, and full blown FMV scenes.

The story line is very complex and confusing. You play the role of Fei, a martial artist living in the village of Lahan and can't remember his past up till three years ago. It'd be kinda tough to go into great detail about the story without spoiling anything, so just go out and get the game and see the story for yourself! And you'll have to play the game through at least TWICE to fully comprehend the the story, which offers you replay value.

The music was fantastic!It is some of the best I've ever heard, ranging from sad, gloomy music fitting an equally sadening scene, to upbeat music when you can't help but to only spread a wide a grin across your face and say "This kicks ass!"

Though I don't care about graphics much, I still have to warn the graphics crazed out there. There isn't a tremendous amount of detail and it can be relativly blurry at times. But, with the great anime cutscenes, which is a first for square, with a blend of the FMV you're familiar with from FF7 and Parasite Eve, make up for any graphical errors you encounter.

The character development was the best I've ever seen! When a game is ATLEAST as long as FF7, with hours and hours of talking, you get to know the characters pretty well, and as I mention in other reviews character development is vital in an RPG. If I don't know too much about a character, I can't connect with him and it makes the game alot less enjoyable. Yeah I know, you all must think I'm nuts for saying something like that, but I actually bond and share the same emotions as well developed characters. It's one of those traits you get from being a game addict.

The gameplay was very fun and enjoyable. Like Suikoden, there are three different battle systems.

The first one is the traditional party vs party with your characters. You can perform deathblows or do a series of combos with the different attack buttons. It is slightly complicated, but you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. You also get 'gears'. Gears are giant robot type things piloted by members of your team.

It is basically the same as character fighting, except you need fuel for every attack you do and to use your gear options, such as healing yourself. Controlling your gear is SLIGHTLY more complicated, but still pretty easy to master. The 3rd form of fighting is the battling arena. You can choose from just about any gear in the game and fight other gears to earn battle points (kinda like the FF7 arena). You can also play with a friend and whip his ass! Hehehe. This type of fighting is similar to street fighter and tekken, with fast paced, quick thinking action. It's about the skilz. There are also a good deal of sub quests thrown out through the game, making the time it takes to complete it even longer.

So to conclude this, i will strike you down with a bolt of lighting if you do not get this game right now! Err i mean please get the game and I'll be happy....hehehe. With a great story grabbing hold of your attention and not letting go, the great music, and the awesome cutscenes, you'll be glad you bought it.

StoryLine 10
Characters 10
Graphics 8
Music 10
Difficulty 9
Gameplay 10
Replay Value 10

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