Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is an outstanding RPG and one of my favorites. It has great graphics, music, character development, story line, relay value, and most imortant FUN! The only thing it REALLY lacks is difficulty, though there are a some bosses you may find yourself having trouble fighting. Hekran is kinda though if you're just starting game, and Lavos is sorta tough because he does that 1000+ attack and your max HP is only 999.

The story line is probally the game's best feature. Its in-depth, emotional, and best of all it leaves many unanswered questions which leave the players dying for the sequel, and authors jumping at the oppurtunity to write fanfics. The storyline consists of many deaths and sorrows, mysteries and intrigue, and a few hearty laughs. The characters are well done as well as their artwork. And Square did a great job with Magus, the character that leaves millions of gamers worshiping him. Another good thing about the story line is that there are thirteen different endings which allows RPG fans to enjoy the game over and over. Another thing about starting over to get more endings is that when you beat the game you get New Game+ mode. When selecting New Game+ all of your guys start out with the same level and equipment as when you beat the game.

The graphics and music are both excellent for a 16-bit RPG. The graphics are crisp and clear and your guys arent limited to just a two axis platform. The music is probally the best music ever written and always fits the scene you are at. The music enhances the story line and always stirs something up inside of you when listening to one of your favorite themes.

Overall, this was a GREAT game that I urge you to buy if you come across it, because the game has been discontinued and you would only be able to find it at a flea market or something.

StoryLine 10
Characters 10
Graphics 10
Music 10
Difficulty 7
Gameplay 9.5
Replay Value 10

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