Final Fantasy Tactics Music

Final Fantasy Tactics Midi Collection (78.3 KB) Contains all of the files listed below.

Alazlam's Theme (22.1 KB)
Arrangement Of Inside Riovanes Castle: Battle (13.9 KB)
Arrangement Of Zaland Fort City: Battle (28 KB) - Thanks to Dreydan for this one!
Battle Preparation (6.36 KB)
Bervenia Free City: Battle (16.4 KB)
Capture Ovelia! (6.2 KB)
Colliery Underground 2nd Floor: Battle (20.7 KB)
Dining With Dycedarg (14.8 KB)
Dorter Trade City: Battle (40.2 KB)
First Meeting With Algus (6.86 KB)
Gariland Magic City: Battle (21.5 KB)
Germinas Peak: Battle (25.7 KB)
Golgorand Execution Site: Battle (23.5 KB)
Intro to Characters (17 KB) by Falthanas
Map (7.04 KB)
North Wall Of Bethla Garrison: Battle (10.3 KB)
Opening (5.6 KB)
Ovelia's Hometown (6.34 KB)
Poeskas Lake: Battle (19 KB)
Prologue Movie (51.2 KB) by Falthanas
Save Screen (6.57 KB)
Shop Theme (6.05 KB)
Sweegy Woods: Battle (47.1 KB)
The Decisive Battle (25.7 KB) - Thanks to Evan Michaels for this one!
Town Theme (10.3 KB)
Tutorial (15.1 KB)
Tutorial (32.8 KB) by Falthanas
Ultima- First Battle (69.1 KB) by Falthanas
Zaland Fort City: Battle (30.1 KB)
Zodiac Battle Theme (57.8 KB) - Thanks to Artemi for sending this in.

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