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Notice: As of May 13th, 2002 I'll no longer be announcing fanfic and fan art updates on the individual update pages for each game. Please refer to the main Fanfic and Fan Art pages for those updates.

May 9th, 2002
• "Curse of Time Ch. 8" by Andy DuVigneau.
• "A.Z. - After Zeal Ch. 6" by Crystal Zeal.
• "Far From Home Book One: The Time Warp Prologue" by Master Odin.
• "Chrono Trigger Loops Ch. 2" by Reido Shougeki.
• "Chrono Shift Ch. 13" by Tool23X.
Fan Art
• Five pieces by Lady Prophet.
• Three pieces by Ryu-chan.
• Two pieces by Dark Elf.

April 16th, 2002
• "StarCrossed Ch. 5" by Cain.
• "Chrono Trigger: Twins of Destiny Author's Notes & Ch. 13," "Flames of Vengeance: Symphony of Chaos Author's Notes, Prologue, & Ch. 1-2," and "The Purge" by Mox Jet.
• "Chrono Trigger: Dare" by Crono_12.
• "I, Magus: Memoirs of a Prophet Ch. 4" and "SquareSoft: Generations Ch. 15" by Dawn Wilkins.
• "Chrono Trigger Loops Ch. 1" by Reido Shougeki.
• "The Empty Nest Pt. 4-5" (Finished) by The Storyteller.
• "Hero Undone Ch. 8" by ZombieFrank.
Fan Art
• Three pieces by Feline.
• Two pieces by M. Scofield.
• Two pieces by The Goof.
• One piece by Blue Dragon.
• One piece by Dark Elf.
• One piece by Megan.
• One piece by Myshu.

March 29th, 2002
• "MFT3K: Episode #103: The Sword of Zeal: The Lost Chapters" by Nanaki.
• "Amiable Silence" by ZealPropht.
• "The Parasite Timekeeper Ch. 1" by Bounty Hunter Lani.
• "The War Over Time" by Indon.
• "Dark Eternal Ch. 1" by Ma Jr.
• "Chrono Trigger Loops Prologue" by Reido Shougeki.
• "Adversary Ch. 13-14" by Triad.
Fan Art
• Nine pieces by Lady Prophet.
• Two pieces by Nichole.
• One piece by Master Odin.

March 9th, 2002
• "StarCrossed Ch. 1-4" and "No Peace For The Hero Ch. 2-4" by Cain.
• "Aquarius Notes & Prologue One" by Krazy Sam.
• "A.Z. - After Zeal Prologue & Ch. 1-5" by Crystal Zeal.
• "Until the End of Time" by Demon-Fighter Ash.
• "Call of Lavos" by Intrasonic.
• "Wishes Ch. 1-2" by Jeff Schmidt.
• "For Guardia! Ch. 22-27" (Finished) by Master Odin.
• "Fallen Dreams Ch. 2-3" by Nassaire Blue.
• "Chrono Shift Ch. 18" by Tool23X.
Fan Art
• Five pieces by Krazy Sam.
• Two pieces by Candytrip.
• One piece by Glarryg.
• One piece by Lin.
• One piece by Nader the Nu.
• One piece by Thomas Hardy.

February 8th, 2002
• "Curse of Time Ch. 6-7" by Andy DuVigneau.
• "Chrono Trigger: Spirit of Man Ch. 23-25" by Crono_12.
• "To My World And Back Again Ch. 9" by Ghost.
• "Lonely, Broken Hero" by Iced Blood.
• "Specter of the Past Ch. 10-12" by KrossRodes.
• "Adversary Ch. 11-12" by Triad.
Fan Art
• Three pieces by Solavis.
• One piece by Skull Dragon.

February 1st, 2002
• "Cause and Effect Ch. 4" -- Cold Fusion
• "Starcrossed Prologue" by Cain.
• "Bloodlines Prologue" by Amrath.
• "A Warrior's Bane" by Ersatz Sobriquet.
• "The Jaharyn Girl Ch. 2" by Gryphon Rampant.
• "Lord of Terror Ch. 7-10" by Iced Blood.
• "For Guardia! Ch. 21" by Master Odin.
• "Tragedy of the Raven Pt. 3, Ch. 4-7" by Prince Nightmare.
• "War of the Mystics Ch. 2" by Tina Branford.
• "Hero Undone Ch. 7" by ZombieFrank.
Fan Art
• Four pieces by Solavis.
• Three pieces by Kay.
• One piece by Generic Rick.
• One piece by Kayin Vanderkill.

December 23rd, 2001
• "For Guardia! Ch. 20" by Master Odin.
• "Chrono Shift Ch. 11" by Tool23X.
• "War of the Mystics Ch. 1" by Tina Branford.
• "Hero Undone Ch. 6" by ZombieFrank.
Fan Art
• Three pieces by Feline.
• One piece by Hoy Polloi.
• One piece by Nader the Nu.

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