Chrono Trigger Remake

On November 2nd, 1999, Square released a remake of Chrono Trigger for the Playstation. The game features at least 20 minutes of anime sequences for the intro, main ending, and key points in the game. The anime scenes, which were done by Bird Studio, remain true to the original character designs of Akira Toriyama. The anime sequences of the main ending includes a tie-in between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, so pick it up to check out the connection between the two. Chrono Trigger's Playstation remake also features a number of enhancements. The remake is now available in the United States along with Final Fantasy 4 as Final Fantasy Chronicles. Below are movies and some shots from the anime scenes.

Character Designs

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Japanese Box Art Front | Back
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Anime Cels
Antipode (67.1 KB)
Ayla (65.6 KB)
Ayla on a Dactyl (75.5 KB)
Ayla on a Dactyl (74.1 KB)
Crono & Marle's Wedding (75.5 KB)
Epoch (50.7 KB)
Epoch taking off (39 KB)
Frog in front of Magus' Castle (44.4 KB)
Marle (64.6 KB)

A framed picture of the group
Ayla riding a Pterodactyl
Ayla, Robo, and Crono
Azala and Tyrano
Crono and Robo ready to attack
Crono running in front of Guardia Castle
Epoch close-up
Frog at Cyrus' Grave
Frog's face
Frog in front of Magus' Castle
Frog, sword in hand
Lucca fighting some robots
Lucca, hard at work
Lucca: Peace!
Lucca standing on a cliffside
Marle's face
Marle is excited

Screen grabs from the promo movies
These are pretty grainy because they were shot with a handheld.
Azala and Tyrano
Crono and Frog standing in the rain
Epoch approaching
Epoch taking off
Lucca and Marle running in front of Guardia Castle
Lucca firing her gun
Lucca fixing a machine
Magus standing atop a cliff
Marle screaming

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