Chrono Trigger Music

Here are a bunch of sound files to download. Do not link to these files! If you catch somebody linking to these, please let me know so I can take care of them. Enjoy!

Chrono Trigger Midi Collection (2.44 Megs)- A self-extracting .exe file with 57 songs from CT, all of the same quality as from the game itself. You will need the newest version of WinAmp to listen to these. This is courtesy of Ryan Graubner (his last email changed, and I never received a follow-up address.) Please don't email me with questions regarding these files, and be sure to read the Read Me file.

Chrono Trigger Midi Collection (zipped) (183 KB)- contains all of the files below.
1000 A.D. Overworld Theme (12.6 KB)
600 A.D. Overworld Theme (25.7 KB)
Ayla's Theme (9.73 KB)
Battle Theme (33.7 KB)
Battle Theme 2 (44 KB)
Battle Theme 4 (24.1 KB)
Belthasar (11.5 KB)
Bike Race (12.4 KB)
Black Omen (16.3 KB)
Cathedral (2.29 KB)
Crono's House (5.8 KB)
Crono's House 2 (5.58 KB)
Crono And Marle (4.98 KB)
Crono And Marle 2 (16.2 KB)
CT Ending Theme (28 KB)
CT Game Over (18.2 KB)
CT Theme (23.1 KB)
CT Theme 2 (26.6 KB)
CT Theme 3 (21.7 KB)
CT Theme 4 (21.6 KB)
End Of Time (11.3 KB)
Enhasa (61.6 KB)
Enhasa 2 (35 KB)
Enhasa Remix (13.4 KB)
Epoch (19.7 KB)
Factory Ruins (10.4 KB)
Frog (20 KB)
Gato (7.21 KB)
Guardia Castle (12.1 KB)
Guardia Forest (28.3 KB)
Jurassic Rhythm (1.5 KB)
Kajar (36.8 KB)
Lab 16 (7.93 KB)
Lavos (11.1 KB)
Lavos 2 (72.8 KB)
Lavos 3 (98.4 KB)
Lavos Core (33.6 KB)
Lucca (13.3 KB)
Lucca 2 (7.6 KB)
Magus (17.5 KB)
Magus 2 (18.6 KB)
Magus 3 (20.3 KB)
Magus' Castle (.999 KB)
Marle (4.98 KB)
Millenial Fair (18.5 KB)
Millenial Fair Remix (18.9 KB)
No Hope (2.29 KB)
Reptites (10 KB)
Robo (10.7 KB)
Sadness (7.45 KB)
Schala (20.8 KB)
Schala 2 (8.64 KB)
Schala 3 (13.9 KB)
Schala 4 (36.8 KB)
Sewer Access (7.14 KB)
Singing Mountain (9.92 KB)
Spekkio (10.4 KB)
Trial (14 KB)
Undersea Palace (6.95 KB)
Undersea Palace 2 (10.2 KB)
Undersea Palace 3 (42.5 KB)
Unreleased Battle Theme (24.9 KB)
Zeal (65.9 KB)
Zeal Deal (21 KB)

These were remixed by Zack Elle. Any questions regarding these should be sent to him. Do not put these on your site, as they are exclusive to this page.
Bike Chase - Almost 8 Bit Mix (300 KB)
Escape From Truce Dungeon (164 KB)
Lucca's Theme (144 KB)

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