Chrono Cross Artwork

The character designs for Chrono Cross are being done by Nobuteru Yuuki, who also did the artwork for Record of Lodoss War, Seiken Densetsu 3, Vision of Escaflowne, Tail Concerto, and X: The Movie. As you can see, his style is extremely different from that of Akira Toriyama, who did the designs for the original Chrono Trigger. Chrono Cross will reportedly feature over 40 playable characters, so this will likely end up being a pretty full section.

Heroes/Other Characters
Dragon Child | 2 - The name says it all.
Fargo | 2 - A tough pirate captain dressed in black leather.
Fio | 2 - I think this was one of the designers' drunken hallucinations.
Glenn | 2 - A swordsman of Acacia, with no relation to Chrono Trigger's Frog.
Greco | 2 - A spiritual man who looks like a Mexican luchadore.
Guile - A masked magician. Looks like he's taking fashion tips from Siegfried and Roy.
Irenes | 2 - A mermaid
Norris | 2 - A gunslinger clad in a blue and black uniform.
Jin - A female pugilist in Middle Eastern garb
Janice | 2 - A girl who dresses like a rabbit
Kabu | 2 - A turnip with a sword. Square must be sending a message to the kids: Drugs are bad, mmmkay?
Kid - The game's main heroine
Korcha | 2 | 3 - A small, young fisherman who, judging by his decor, may be a fan of Rikishi Phatu.
Leea | 2 - At first rumored to be Ayla's daughter, I have been informed that she actually is not. Play the game to find out more.
Mamacha | 2 - Big woman with a basket. Korcha's mother.
Miki | 2 | 3 - A scantily-clad female stage dancer.
Mojo | 2  - A straw doll with a screw in his chest and candles sticking out of his head. Um, sure...
Nikki | 2 | 3 - A flamboyant rock star. He's a personal favorite of mine.
Orlha | 2 | 3 - A female bartender.
Pierre | 2 | 3 - A narcissistic medieval knight wearing gold armor and a hat resembling that of Suikoden's Vincent de Boule. He has no relation to Crono's lawyer, Pierre, from CT.
Poshul | 2 - A big pink dog
Radius | 2 | 3 - An old man
Razzly | 2 - A sprite/pixie/faerie
Serge | 2 - The game's main hero, with sort of a pirate-ish look.
Starky - A cute little alien thing.
Steena | 2 - Another hot female, this time a Shaman who resembles Suikoden's Jeane.
Pip| 2 - It's kind of a squirrel/rabbit/Chu Chu thing.
Pip Angel | 2 - An evolved version of Pip.
Pip Devil | 2 - Yes kids, you too can make a deal with Lucifer himself in Chrono Cross, and this is the result. Apparently Satan has a sense of humor.
Van | 2 - A child painter who somewhat resembles Suikoden's Templeton.

General Viper | 2 - An old dude in leather armor, somewhat reminiscent of Setzer's.
Grobyc | 2 | 3 - A bio-mechanically enhanced assassin with some really weird hair.
Harlequin | 2 | 3 | 4 - A female jester wearing red & blue clothing.
Karsh | 2 - One of the Acacia Dragoons. Cold, efficient, and dangerous.
Luccia | 2 | 3 - A blue-haired female scientist with a lab coat and monocle.
Lynx | 2 | 3 | 4 - Kid's rival and a real bad ass (formerly Yamaneko.)
Marcy | 2 - One of the Acacia Dragoons. Related to Nikki.
ZOAH | 2 - One of the Acacia Dragoons. Has a thing for talking in all caps (he must use AOL.)

Frozen Flame

A storm
Close-up of Serge's face
Serge approaching the Frozen Flame
Serge on a ship

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