Xuelian's Views on Gaming

By Xuelian

Hello? Someone's listening?

Well, I guess I'll share my views about gaming.

Point 1: Old School / New School- Ok, I, Myself, Think that this is VERY stupid. PLAY GAMES FOR THE FUN OF IT, PEOPLE! Well, actually, That was slightly hypocritical- I'm slightly old school... Then again, I have almost NO source of income. Go figure.

Point 2: Old School Emulation- This actually depends on what you think. The 2 main views: It's illegal, because you could buy them, and it's not illegal, because they aren't making money from 'em anyway.

Point 3: New School Emulation- Umm... I don't think that this is in such a gray area. People, You're robbing the companies out of money. Then again, Some of the New School councils are about to go Old School.

Point 4: Frustration- People, THESE ARE GAMES. If they annoy you, put them down, take a break, and come back later. That helps a LOT. And anyway, Why would you play something that frustrates you?

Point 5: Guides- Only use them if you need them. If you let the guide lead you, YOU didn't beat the game. The guide did.

Point 6: Graphics VS Story: People, COME ON. They are GAMES. I dont care if they dont have a plot if they're fun! And Vice Versa, too. I mean, If the games are NOT fun, that's a different story. THEN you start the debate. At least this one isn't as stupid as the Old School/ New School debate.

Point 7: Renting/ Buying- I, Myself, rent games 2 or 3 times, Then if I like it and I need more time, I buy it. It's more expensive, but it's safer than randomly buying a game... heh.

Point 8: Cheats- I REALLY, REALLY dont like when people cheat the first time around on a game. But after that, Do what you want. Aint my problem.

Point 9: Story Continiuty (SP?)- Well, I like it, but its mainly a manner of taste. Although I do belive we need more games with this.

Point 10: Wrap up- Well, If you remember this, You might like gaming more. MIGHT.

Well, That's all for tonight. I might write a "Part 2" later. And yes, some people before me said a lot of this. I share their view. Anyway, this is just an "All around" view of gameing debate.

"You mean Tito! Toto's that stuff we had for dinner last night!"



Oh, and I Do bite. Be nice if you dont like it. I have rabies.

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